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I love all the blogs I follow, but these ones are breath-taking. Make sure you are following these amazing, sweet and talented people <3

reginapcs123 said:

Ok, following you was one of the best things I did in the last few days. Just looking through your page one there's not ONE post that I don't like. You like pretty much the same stuff I do, and I know you'll be as excited as I will when RORY comes on our screen, so yeah, thank you. haha xx

seriously? i mean… your blog is flawless, you’re doing amazing gifs, you’re so quality… and i’m so unquality!


(also following you was the best things i did last few days :) )

reginapcs said: OOOH THAT WAS CUTE. the beginning of Smile was so so awesome cause he had to start it all over again… So cute! And Harry mocked Danny’s portuguese, but I loved it. And they changed LA to Brazil in “Obviously”. So cool!

They’re the best ): I’m gonna miss them so much !!! I hope they come back soon. ): ):


reginapcs replied to your post: One thing that bothers me The “Delena” scene at…

let think what they want! haha personally I just think NIAN KISS YAY.

I do let them think what they want, I just don’t understand it

Well, that was their first ~present day kiss, so I guess we can fangirl over that 

As for me, I just think Katherine is a BAMF, I love her, etc etc etc (that is, after I watched it already knowing it was Katherine cause at first I was just like oh no oh no oh noooo)