Part 1 of the promised short comic thing of Clois, Superbat (bromance) and almost nonexistent Wonderbat set in the regency.

I’ve had these 2 pages done for a while and the rest sketched and hope to work on more, albeit at a snail’s pace!!!

I need to practice drawing comics =.=


4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No. 33:

The Swiss Cottage, Adare, Ireland. 

Built in the Regency Period (early 1800s) by John Nash. One of the rooms (pictured above) contains original Dufour wallpaper, which is incredibly rare. 

Built as a small houses on the estate for the use of the owners of the “big house”, in the tradition of Marie Antoinette’s hameau. 

X X 


 In Regency times postage for  letters was paid by the sheet of paper, so the usual amount for a letter was one quarto sheet (15” x 9”) - it was folded over to make two leaves, or four pages. To save money people ‘crossed’ their letter so they didn’t need to pay for an extra sheet - They wrote first one way then turned it  a quarter round and then the other.  There were no ready made envelopes, so the name and address was written in the middle of the fourth page and then the paper was then folded in three and sealed with wax or a small moistened blob of dried glue.

As the recipient paid for the letter, sometimes the writer would hide a small coin under the seal for use in payment.