Ficlet: Families Are Like Fudge (Mostly Sweet With a Few Nuts)

regala-electra prompted: post-honeymoon blaine and kurt unwrapping wedding gifts they definitely DID NOT put on their wedding registry. (and deciding what to do with them). 

“So, how do you want to do this?” Kurt asks, eyeing the stack of gifts that’s sitting on the coffee table in their tiny living room. It’s high enough he can’t even see the television from his vantage point by the door.

Blaine yawns and stretches his arms over his head, shirt riding up to reveal just a few inches of belly and Kurt thinks that after just getting back from a two-week long honeymoon, the sight shouldn’t make his fingers itch quite like that.

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ToS characters || Regal Bryant: The... Presidential Convict

"No matter how hard I try to move forward, I am held back by the sin I have committed. I am so used to the weight of my sin that I am afraid to let it go. It’s so easy to simply acknowledge myself as a criminal and let it envelop me in its apathy".

regala-electra answered: kurt/blaine sleeping morning penis touching leading to lazy morning handjobs

blaineyminaj answered: sunshine




Kurt shifts sleepily, he thinks he was maybe trying to roll over, but there’s something stopping him, a thigh pressed between his, snugged up against his balls. He hears Blaine snuffle, opens his eyes to the blue early morning light making itself known through the window to watch Blaine’s nose twitch, his lips smack as he tenses, stretching, only to relax again.


I love you,” he whispers, knowing it won’t be enough to wake Blaine up, and closes his eyes again, fitting his arms between them and curling up against Blaine’s chest.


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