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infinite reacting to you randomly bringing a puppy to them on their birthday (when they expected something else)?

Hello there dear Anon~ thank you for your request! I hope it turned out how you wanted it.


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SUNGGYU: “I should have expected something like this…last year it was a hamster…are we slowly opening a zoo?” He would tease.

DONGWOO: Happy with having a new friend and grabs some toys to play with him with “Come ‘n get it, c’mon! That’s a good boy!”

WOOHYUN: “Oh, ahaha. I thought we were going out or something….let me change and I’ll come and help pick out a name.” 

HOYA: Sees the dog run past and you quickly follow “Is the collar purple as your way of bribing him into our home? It’s working.”

SUNGYEOL: The dog climbed through the gate and surprised Sungyeol before you were ready “Uh, hi? Where did you come from?”

L: Smiles when you bring over a cute little puppy thinking that you were both super cute “Okay, but I’m not cleaning after her.” He jokes scratching behind the little dog’s ears.

SUNGJONG: “Pahahaha what is this?” He laughs as the puppy waddles excitedly into the house “I thought it would be a cute gift, don’t you think he is cute?” He nods patting the little dog “Can we name him Sunggyu?” he giggles and is even happier when you agree.


This is going to be a bit long XD

First of all, he is most certainly one of my ultimate biases in life. Woohyun is hard-working, talented, and mischievous as any Inspirit will know. 

However, I think that he is also eager-to-please. He seems to put a large weight on what other people think (as is obvious with his constant checking that what he’s saying/doing is not over stepping the bounds - particularly with Sungkyu) What do I mean? Woohyun will glance at Sungkyu to gauge his reaction whenever he teases his hyung - practically EVERY time he does it 

Next point: Idealistic. Woohyun seems to be a dreamer, and a romantic. I think that he has romanticist views about love and relationships in particular, which is cute and can be sweet but also means that he would be really naive, and innocent in that he would make pretty dumb decisions to keep his lover with him which could end up really hurting him. 

I think Woohyun is also very stubborn/hard-headed, and a little bit ego-centric (which isn’t a bad thing and honestly should be expected with ALL celebrities). He seems to be a proud kind of man, which means that he would not take well to be told what to do. I actually think he’d rebel against it whenever and wherever and as often as he could - just to make a point. 

Which brings me to my next point: a little bit selfish. This isn’t a bad thing as long as it’s kept in check, I think this would stem in most part from the idealist view of love. He’d have expectations that I think would be pretty hard to fill. Not physically necessarily, but definitely with how his partner would be expected to be in a relationship. 

I have no doubt that he is an optimist. Maybe not all the time, but I think he’d always try to look for a solution, a silver lining, and would try to stay positive. 

I think that he would need consistent reassurance in some areas in his life. A constant reminder that he is enough, and that he is doing a good job. 

I think that he could struggle with feelings of jealousy. I’m not sure why I think that though =| He’s also rather touchy with people he cares a lot for. SKINSHIP~ XD

HIS CUTE STAGE PERSONA IS EXACTLY THAT - A PERFORMANCE! Not saying that he wouldn’t be cute in day-to-day life, but he definitely doesn’t run around throwing hearts at his managers and members all day, everyday. In fact, I think that the only time he does is when there are cameras or fans around =D 

To sum it all up: he is a normal young man growing into himself =) 

ok but can we just talk about how dedicated Infinite are to their performances? there was a performance of ‘Sonagi’ they did that had no noticeable mistakes but they weren’t 99% in sync as usual... afterwards they apologised profusely for their ‘bad performance’ because they had just learned the choreo that morning... THAT MORNING... Infinite performed almost flawlessly live with choreo they just learned that morning...

They performed singing live and with virtually flawless choreography (and they were mostly in sync, it was only a stray member or two that was off during some verses) and yet they still apologised because they thought they were lacking and didn’t want to disappoint Inspirits.

You don’t just learn choreography (especially the Infinite kind) in a single morning, it’s not something that anyone can just do, they trained hard for years and they never stopped improving themselves (still in awe over 18 hours a day of pre-debut dance practice everyday) which was why they were able to pull off something amazing like this so last minute. These boys are just so amazingly dedicated and they deserve the world.

here’s the performance if anyone’s interested, it was Music Bank 140613