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infinite reacting to you randomly bringing a puppy to them on their birthday (when they expected something else)?

Hello there dear Anon~ thank you for your request! I hope it turned out how you wanted it.


(gifs not mine)

SUNGGYU: “I should have expected something like this…last year it was a hamster…are we slowly opening a zoo?” He would tease.

DONGWOO: Happy with having a new friend and grabs some toys to play with him with “Come ‘n get it, c’mon! That’s a good boy!”

WOOHYUN: “Oh, ahaha. I thought we were going out or something….let me change and I’ll come and help pick out a name.” 

HOYA: Sees the dog run past and you quickly follow “Is the collar purple as your way of bribing him into our home? It’s working.”

SUNGYEOL: The dog climbed through the gate and surprised Sungyeol before you were ready “Uh, hi? Where did you come from?”

L: Smiles when you bring over a cute little puppy thinking that you were both super cute “Okay, but I’m not cleaning after her.” He jokes scratching behind the little dog’s ears.

SUNGJONG: “Pahahaha what is this?” He laughs as the puppy waddles excitedly into the house “I thought it would be a cute gift, don’t you think he is cute?” He nods patting the little dog “Can we name him Sunggyu?” he giggles and is even happier when you agree.