Clubhousemouse's- Disney Character of the Month #2
    ---> Genie of The Lamp (Aladdin 1992)

"Three wishes, to be exact.
And ixnay on the wishing for more wishes.
That's all. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds!"

“The one thing I said was I will do the voice. I’m doing it basically because I want to be part of this animation tradition. I want something for my children. One deal is, I just don’t want to sell anything—as in Burger King, as in toys, as in stuff.”

                                                                                         -Robin Williams 


they are scammers and WILL NOT send out your items or respond to complaints and queries once you email them asking where your items are / where your money is. they will not pick up the phone or reply to emails. I have been waiting HALF A YEAR for ONE ORDER which they will not even acknowledge never mind send to me or refund. I have been emailing them for three months and they have replied ONCE to tell me they “didn’t know anything”. I spent ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS at their shop and I’m so angry I urge nobody to buy from there but instead use direct sites like omighty etc. this has been a psa xxx

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last Christmas I gave you my heart and there were no refunds

then i guess i will have to keep it forever and stash it close to mine to keep it safe :3

Here's why you don't "deserve" a refund - KQ/Habitarium

I’ve seen way too many people on the boards crying complaining saying,

"We want refunds on the NC we have purchased for tokens/’tarium items!!"

"We are entitled/deserve them!!!"

"We’ll quit/unsub to premium if we don’t get what we want."

Do you remember when you clicked on the NC mall and went to purchase your neocash to buy that SUPER COOL golden aisha token or MUST HAVE colored dye for your habitarium nests? Well, at the bottom of the page reads THIS:

All Sales are final. There are absolutely no refunds. You must have parental permission or be 18 or over to make a purchase.

All sales final.

No refunds. 

Now, I know a lot of people probably don’t bother to read the fine print and just toss out their credit/debit card (or their parents cards) # to neopets with reckless abandon, but the issue is it doesn’t MATTER if you read it. It’s still there. It’s not neopets fault if you don’t read that and they are not obligated to accommodate you. You’re giving YOUR money to the site, be responsible about it. Read the T&C.

 And if you read it, and you expect a refund…you’re an asshole. You’re an asshole because you, at this point, are FULLY AWARE of the policies and what you’ve gotten into. If you didn’t agree with the policy, you shouldn’t have bought neocash.

"but ronnie, i spent a lot of money here! i deserve special treatment."

No bitch, you don’t, sit down. nobody put a gun to your head and made you spend 10,000 NC on fucking shenanigifts once a week. 

Another point I’d like to bring up, which surprisingly ISN’T common sense to all of you is -

Websites change and nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is permanent. You would think in the world we live in today this would be something we all understood, but ya’ll motherfuckers clearly don’t. Neopets has the right to take down whatever they want, whenever they want, without your permission. It’s as simple as that. I shouldn’t have to remind anyone of that. 

My whole point here is, YOU made the choice to spend money on the website. YOU pissed away your paychecks and allowances on digital clothes and tokens and ink and honey combs and whatever else. Your choice. Yours. Pissing and moaning and threatening to leave (which literally WOULDN’T MATTER, you aren’t special) because you have made regrettable decisions is obnoxious and in case you haven’t noticed, solves nothing! 

I’ve spent a ton of money on neopets. A ton. It is what it is. Grow up. If you can’t handle the drawbacks money sinks online, don’t put your fucking money in it. You ain’t shit, and you ain’t entitled to shit.

I’m no TNT advocate, matter of fact I hate TNT.. but ya’ll crazy. and it’s ugly. 

I feel so bad asking for refunds, but Wal-Mart responded to my e-mail just like “according to tracking it will be there on the 19th!”

Yes, it did arrive on the 19th. I love it.

But I paid for it to be there on the 17th, and I missed wearing it to the party that I specifically ordered it for.

I… I don’t think asking for a shipping refund is out of the question, is it? I did pay extra so it would be there on the 17th….

At least I worded it nicely? Politely?

Christmas gifts from my dad found a way to get more impersonal which is actually astonishing. The last few years have been direct deposits into my checking account, but this year a refund check from the dentist accidentally got made out in my name and sent to my address instead of his and he told me to cash it and call it Christmas.

I sent an expensive head (that hasn’t been made since at least 2005) in the mail and it disappeared. Post office won’t help. I won’t get refunded either. I found another one recently and sold a bunch of stuff to get it. I was able to purchase it. The thing that bothers me is the first head cost me $550. This once cost me $500. So that’s $1050 I spent…on one head. I don’t regret it though. I just keep hoping the other one will make it home. Twins would be nice.


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i bet you took all the crap you learned about stalin, all the negative tsuff about stalin from that book. you are getting a biased anti-russian anti-communist education, i hope you know that. tell mr. fukuyama to refund your education money.


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Yesterday at work, some lady came up with $250 worth of Starbucks gift cards that she had bought and asked me to refund them. Our computer wouldn't let us refund it, but since she had actually bought them at a different store, we suggested she go there. So then the lady starts screaming at us and throwing a fit, demanding we refund them, because she doesn't want to drive 5 miles to the other store. And she insisted that we call corporate... ugh.

Starbucks cards are actually supposed to be refunded through Corporate. It allows them to keep track and to also identify possible scams. If and only if they have the receipt and it’s within 24 hours at the same store can they actually refund them in-store… and even then, it’s hard because you have to find the actual transaction and then void it… it’s kind of a pain in the ass.

Paramount Cancels Team America Showings - Unofficial Screenings Can Still Be Found


Forget those plans by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and other theaters to run Team America: World Police in place of The Interview. The Austin-based chain says that Paramount has now decided not to offer South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s 2004 satire that focuses on Kim Jong-il, the late father of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Alamo says that the cancellation at its Dallas theater is “due to circumstances beyond our control” and says it will offer refunds to those who have already bought tickets. Cleveland’s Capitol Theater also tweeted that Team America “has been canceled by Paramount Pictures.”

A few places are hosting unofficial screenings of Team America - if you can find them.

NYC’s The Creek and the Cave:

On Christmas Eve at 8 at the Creek and the Cave we will be showing Team America: World Police because fuck yeah. Come by!

— Mike Lawrence (@TheMikeLawrence)

December 19, 2014


We’ve been showing Team America on our screens for two days now. So far so good.

— QED: A Place to Show (@QEDAstoria)

December 21, 2014

Pittsburgh’s Bar11:

BAR11 will be showing ‘Team America’ tonight!! All night long, Bar11 ain’t afraid of the hackers/N. Koreans

— bar11 (@thebar11)

December 20, 2014

Bars in San Francisco’s The Mission District:

Apparently there are several bars in the mission all showing Team America #americafuckyeah

— Wyatt (@themouth)

December 21, 2014

About Donations

I wanted to make an official donation after I got all the orders I have out. I still have a good deal of BLM left. It just depends on how the conversation with these printers go tomorrow. Shirts in a day? Donation in a day. Shirts….a little later…then I’m going to ask if people would rather have a refund than wait and as you know that affects the grand wanted to let y’all know where I was with that.

br/o not s/o

TG: hey man

TT: You’re home early. I thought you were bound for Egbert’s house like an hour ago.

TT: Sleepover and everything planned.

TG: he bailed on me last minute

TG: had my bags packed was standing down at the bus stop literally about to get on the bus and he texts me all

TG: oh shit dude my dad came back from his business trip early gotta cancel

TG: im like what the fuck man i cant refund these bus tickets

TG: whatever

TT: Cheeto? -Dirk offers the bag. It’s a sympathy move.-

TG: [Dave sulkily grabs a handful of cheetos and shoves them in his mouth while slouching further down on the couch. He chews, swallows and then mumbles a quiet thanks.]

TG: anyway it wasnt a sleepover that shits for babies and teenage girls

TG: it was gonna be a bro weekend with camping and wilderness and shit

TG: we were going to wrestle bears and streak in the woods and climb trees

TT: Right, right. My bad. -Dirk rolls his eyes, and reaches over to muss Dave’s hair with his orange-fuzzed hand.-

TG: “Dude, no.” [Dave used his clean hand to ruffle the cheeto dust out of his hair before it could settle. Typical Dirk.]

TT: Tell you what.

TT: I’ll pay for your next round of tickets if you’ll chill about me bringing English over for dinner on Fridays.

TG: ugh do you have to bring him over hes such a dweeb its embarrassing man

TG: why are you settling for a nerd like him hes a grade a loser

TT: We can start jabbing at each others’ significant other or you can fucking give it up but either way I will come out on top, dude.

TG: john isnt my s/o

TG: hes just my br/o

TT: It’s about time we realized this household is solely attracted to buck teeth and a despair worthy understanding of irony.

TG: hey dont lump me in with your poor taste in men

TG: i have higher standards than that thank you very much

TT: -Dirk flicks a cheeto at him, almost laughing at the idea.- Higher standards, my shapely ass.

TT: Face it, we’re weak to the dweebery.

TG: [It pings off his cheek, and Dave frowns as he grabs it from where it lands and pops it in his mouth. 3 second rule.]

TT: I’m just saying, bro.

TT: Sooner or later I’ll have to kick your ass or some shit.

TT: Jake practically cried his pretty green eyes out the other day over this. He actually gives a shit.

TG: what the hell are you doing talking to jake about my theoretical and completely nonexistent love life with john

TT: Nowhere in hell, why would I do that? I’m telling you Jake’s starting to wear down thanks to your attitude and he admitted it.

TG: jake needs to mind his own fucking business

TT: He’s not going to replace you.

TG: …

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So, as many of you know a few months ago 5pb announced a new S;G novel that would take place 6 years after the true ending of the VN. After delays and many problems with production the novel has been canceled even though it was set to release on 1/16/2015.

5pb has listed a number and hours to call if you have questions / refund money. If you pre-ordered it somewhere I would get in contact to the seller and get a refund.

I hate when customers don’t know what they want. I don’t mind if they have an idea and I can help guide them, but I hate when they are stubborn and refuse to try and reason with me.

Today I had some guy come up to me and ask for a calling card. Now we do sell phone cards, but we are not trained to know anything about them, we just sell them. So I politely asked what he meant, was he looking for a top up card, or long distance?

He just kept saying calling card like I was an idiot so finally I asked him what company he needed it for and again kept repeating calling card. Eventually I gave up and just handed him a long distance card and told him it’s non-refundable so I hope that’s what he needs.