If unfortunately “1989” leaks, please:

  • Report all links to Big Machine/Taylor Nation
  • Not share the link, at all
  • Refrain from downloading/sharing the music

These leaks not only cost Taylor and her management a lot of money, but ruin the surprise of the official release, and may decrease the hype surrounding it.

“This time I decided to include a high-protein grain in my vegetarian pho broth instead of traditional noodles. The broccoli is thinly sliced and steamed or blanched separately.”

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fuck your gross disrespectful bougie gentrifying white-vegan no-noodle-ass quinoa-lovin recipes

i don’t believe in hell but i do believe all culturally-appropriating foodies are going there

x rosi

anonymous said:

I'm surrounded my people who call me ugly and think its funny, they hit me, throw stuff at me.... and i only wish I had the courage to fight back. They dont apologize or realize that they hurt me emotionally and physically. I honestly dont know what to do. I cry at night hoping and praying that the pain will stop and I'd be happy for once. I honestly do feel like I belong here for so many reasons, and that if I'm gone no one would miss me,please help me and give me advice.. I love you wolftyla ♥

The people who surround you call you “ugly”. But in my opinion I think the people you’re surrounded by are “ugly”. No one should go out of their way to call someone else ugly. You are beautiful and you need to realize that because with a dose of positive people there will always be negative people so refrain from negativity and chill with positive people. ++
You are great bbygirl!


You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies, lit up the world as i fell asleep

Du würdest deinen Augen nicht glauben, wenn 10 Millionen Glühwürmchen deine Welt während du einschläfst erleuchten.
Das war der Refrain meines Lieblingslieds, so fühlt es sich an, wenn du mit mir sprichst oder mich ansiehst.
Ich grinse dann meist freundlich, und manchmal schlafe ich dann auch ein, einfach weil ich weiß, ich fühl mich nun heim

Ich denke, ich denke nicht,
doch ich weiß, ich denk an dich,
widersprüchlich ich weiß, aber das ich jemals wieder an jemanden denke ist ein Widerspruch in sich,
denn eigentlich wollte ich nichtmehr an jemanden denken, aber ich mag dich,
Und ich sage dir ich liebe Milka Schokolade, du erwiderst “Ich Bier und Pizza”,
ich denke das ergänzt sich. Wunderbar und mir alles klar, wars mir da, als ich  dich in Skype da ansah,
Irgendwie selbstbewusst und ein wenig kokett, aber auch schüchtern und nett.
Ich weiß eigentlich nicht, was ich sagen soll, außer ein ich mag dich oder ich find dich toll,
schaff ich nicht zu sagen, und dieses Gedichte schreiben liegt mir nicht, ich bin besser in Geschichte schreiben,
und zwar eine mit dir.

anonymous said:

your fitzsimmons drivel is rly fucking annoying at this point. can you just shut the fuck up and let some people who don't want to force romance on everyone watch a show in peace? you are what is wrong with everything

Ok, this… was actually super hurtful? and rude? and just.. incomprehensible? If you wanted to really hurt my feelings, you achieved that anon. Way to go.

I don’t think I did anything to deserve such a message. I have only been respectful in my opinions, and I don’t think I’ve shoved fitzsimmons down anyone’s throat? I just really like my ship, and I’m enthusiastic about the things I like. 

Feel good in know that you just made someone’s bad day just a little worse. For the good of the fandom, please refrain from bothering anyone else. 

Ce qu’il reste est toujours plus fort et plus beau,
Que les épreuves par lesquels il faut passer
pour continuer où pour en finir …
Je me souviens de ses mots comme si c’était hier,
Seulement voilà, je connais la chanson qui est dans ton cœur,
Son refrain languissant et pesant qui rend las,
Les  petits détails qui chaque jour,
Mis bout à bout font que tu perds l’équilibre.
Je sens ta souffrance et tes peurs,
Je ressens tout comme si tu étais en moi
Deux corps pour un seul cœur,
Sorte de fiction où plus exactement de série Z,
Sauf que là, ta mauvaise interprétation
N’arrive pas à me rendre dupe.
Je te vois sombrer dans un No Woman’s Land
Et j’aimerais pouvoir tout prendre et gérer à ta place.
Nul besoin de l’exprimer,
Nous nous comprenons bien au-delà des mots et langages.
Jouer le rôle …
Faire semblant d’avoir le sourire, sauver la face,
Tellement peu de gens voient avec le cœur, alors pourquoi pas…
Tu  t’es déjà retenue tant de fois de fuir où d’exploser,
Alors à défaut d’éclats de voix, tu choisis  le repli sur soi….
Nous sommes à un âge où il convient d’être «sociable»,
Pleurer n’est plus acceptable, il faut de la pensée positive,
Souffrir en silence et être condamnées à se taire, à faire comme si….
Dans nos sociétés avides de performances,
Seule la distraction heureuse pour s’échapper du quotidien est acceptée,
Le spleen n’a pas sa place, alors un chagrin d’Amour…
Un de perdu dix de retrouver comme ils disent…
Mais le lâcher-prise bordel, ce n’est pas une tare,
Ecouter son chagrin pour percevoir ce qu’il cache,
Une colère, une frustration, une peur, une blessure ravivée…
S’interroger sur ce qui nous blesse et surtout sur ce qui nous manque,
Ce n’est pas dramatique, c’est même essentiel.
Cela permet d’être acteur de sa vie,
En réagissant avec la certitude que les choses sont bien faites
et qu’il n’y a pas de hasard.
Englouti dans l’impuissance la plus totale,
On s’aperçoit même parfois, que l’on pleure pour tout autre chose,
Une chose qui n’appartient pas au présent, mais à notre passé le plus profond…
Alors pleure Ma Cœur,
Ne cherche pas à occulter,
Les larmes apaisent,
Fait une pause,
Les rêves n’ont pas de date d’expiration,
Et comme tu le dis si bien,
Tu prends le risque car tu trouves toujours la force,
De continuer, de finir où de recommencer sans à priori…

weshouldjustdoit said:

I've recently became vegan. But my family loves to fish and go crabbing. If I fish I use fake bait and always put the fish back. But if we catch crabs they eat them, I never have. Is it still wrong if I do that stuff. I'm not going to not be vegan, but I like family bonding

Firstly, you’re amazing! Thank you for staying strong, you save so many animal lives every year.

Family can be difficult when you are vegan. Sadly, even catch-and-release can traumatize or injure the fish, and they often die shortly after. :( If the fam insists on fishing/crabbing, perhaps you can refrain from directly participating in the activity. 

Another option is coming up with fun, cruelty-free family bonding trips instead! Hiking, boating, swimming, bicycling, and camping are all fun, outdoor activities that don’t harm animals! Maybe the fam could find a new way to bond and stay together.

Thank you so much for your question! 

Tear-Jerker Scenes From Free!Eternal Summer That Will Surely be Remembered (Eternally) Part 1 of 2

First, I would like to point out that this post will mostly contain Rin and Sousuke’s story (back story and present). I will try my best to refrain from including ships and stuffs. This post is solely for the memories of Free! Eternal Summer. I know the story doesn’t entirely revolve around Sousuke and Rin, but I believe their story played a very crucial part. Towards the end there will be a lot from the other guys, esp. Haru and Makoto. So… Let’s begin!

Remember when Sousuke first appeared in front of Rin?


He was searching for Rin, and finally he found him (KyoAni wanted his face to look like he’s saying, “Found you” when he smiled at Rin). He decided to transfer to Samezuka for his last year in high school just to swim again once more with Rin.

Their reunion was one that only best of friends knows. They even have their own secret hand shake and throw downs, which was definitely cute.





What I really liked about this anime was how well they thoroughly thought through all the episodes. Look how they constantly dropping hints of Sousuke’s injured shoulder.

First, where Rin asked him why he transferred to Samezuka, and Sousuke was like having this dilemma of whether telling Rin the truth would be a good idea, but decided against it.


Then all the shoulder stretching, rolling and exercises.








 Which were immediately noticed by the observant Free! Fans (I’m not one of them sadly).

Next thing, Sousuke may acted like a jerk on the first few episodes (sidenote: I never felt that way! I love him to the ends of the world), but that was because he cared so much for Rin and his dreams. If it makes him the bad guy in the story, so be it. What really mattered to him was for Rin to fulfill the big dreams he have. Whoever wants their friend to crush their potentials, right?


Who would dare blame a guy for protecting that one friend he shares his dream with. hmpf.

At the latter part of the season, you can feel Sousuke gradually losing the tensed atmosphere and becoming a kind and warm person. He really struggled hard just for him and Rin to stay together. He wants to find that something that Rin managed to find already. He wants some connections. He needs something to hold onto. He needs something or someone to open the closed doors he’d been staring into his whole life.






and who would open those doors for him? Of course…


None other than Rin!

That didn’t end there. After all the things he did he’s still lost and he’s barely holding on, which of course will drive any person to the brink of a cliff. But everything was only the beginning of his chase towards his dreams, his unknown goal at the moment. (No, he would never hurt Rin!)




But then it all came crashing down.

Here are the final two drabbles!

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She held the insidious razor in her hands, refraining from inching her fingers further near the bare skin of her arm, marked by years of regret and weakness. She could not let go; her fingers were pressed as tightly onto the silver as onto the edge of a cliff. But the irony, she realized, is that safely climbing back up a cliff is the equivalent of letting go, but letting the blade begin to cut is also the equivalent of letting go. No matter what won - pain, or reason - she would have to let go.