There is a deep connection between Obamacare and Obamigration reforms. The thing is that Obama’s “amnesty” does not allow immigrants to sign up this insurance. It reminds me the times of segregation. President agreed to have 5 million of new Democrats and dreamers, but they can only dream to become full-fledged Americans. Employers now have an opportunity to hire people, whose exposure is absolutely legal. That’s the new working class who’s out of Obama’s care and any one’s else care too. The “amnesty” was architected not for illegal immigrants, but for greedy businessmen.


I want complete separation of religion from governmental legislation and corporations. Religious beliefs are abstract notions one holds in one’s head. They should not be superimposed upon an entire country, state, or group of individuals because one person’s thought bubble has the “right” to usurp another person’s thought bubble. 

The Libertines just posted this picture on their Facebook. It follows the rumours that the band may be reforming to play a gig at Hyde Park, the first time they’ve played together since reuniting for Reading and Leeds in 2010. Gigwise reports that in an interview with Israeli newspaper, Ynet, Pete Doherty allegedly said: “I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you this, but we were offered to reform The Libertines for a show this July in Hyde Park. I got the call just yesterday. Well, I said yes.”



Unless you’re visiting Greenland, who cares if it’s wrong?

4 Hilarious Attempts to Fix Things That Weren’t Broken

#3. Map Reform

Some people argue that by making countries in the Northern Hemisphere appear larger, [the Mercator Projection] makes them seem more important than they are, and it makes it easier for us wealthy Northern Hemispherites to ignore the concerns of people around the equator. To counteract this subtle psychological effect, different projections have been proposed that more accurately portray the relative sizes of the continents…

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This is my short film, REFORMED.

Produced, Written and Directed by James Keysell, REFORMED tells the story of the events leading up to the meeting between a reformed murderer, and the mother of his two victims more than 20 years after the crimes were committed.

Produced as part of BA TV and Radio final project at the University of Salford.

Filmed on a Canon 5D Mark III. Edited using Premiere Pro, Speedgrade and Audition.

Please watch, reblog and like this film. It’ll mean a lot to me. Please support new writers and directors! If you want to chat about the film, have any questions, my inbox is always open :) 

To see some of the posts related to the film and it’s production, visit kuitsukuse.tumblr.com/tagged/reformed

Thanks to everyone who supported me during the process. You’re all amazing. I hope this film is as good as some of you imagined.