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Choose 5 OTP’s without looking at the questions in the Read More first, then tag five people. (I wrote my OTPs and then read Bethany’s answers and gave my own one by one.)

  1. Sam/Jack
  2. Castle/Beckett
  3. Luke/Lorelai
  4. Booth/Brennan
  5. Tony/Ziva

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Name: Paula
Nickname: my … name is 5 characters long I do not have one.
Birthday: too old (i’m having a crisis okay, my birthday is next week and I’m about to go up a demo.) December 25th, 1989.
Gender: female
Orientation: it’s complicated. (usually I just say queer, but I am attracted to boobs, all genders, and most recently I have felt little sexual desire at all.)
Time and date at current moment: December 21st, 2:53 PM
Average hours of sleep: hahahaha. (5-6 probably, but that’s a little skewed by the fact that my life imploded a month ago and now I stay awake until I fall asleep at my computer at 2 AM.)
Lucky number: eh? I’m not all that superstitious. I prefer things to be even numbers or multiples of five though.
Last thing I googled: um. ‘due date pregnancy variation' (for entirely obvious reasons) and 'daily life violence against women seriously' (because I was trying to find this Clem Ford article and thinking that I would like to be Clem Ford except better when I grow up.) 
First word that comes to mind: (whenever anybody asks me this I panic and my mind goes blank but … ) fuck 
One place that makes me happy: being by the ocean, any ocean, any body of water really.
How many blankets I sleep under: braving the Australian summer, just one.
Fictional character: all of them (except mostly MacKenzie McHale) 
Book: currently re-reading the happiness project (which I recommend, despite the fact that it sounds cloying, it did make me happier), starting warsan shire’s poetry anthology but forever in love with Margaret Atwood. Any Margaret Atwood.
Anime: … not since I was a kid. (so that would be Pokemon … the early years.)
TV show: The Newsroom (but also I have been rewatching Seinfeld and realising that probably Elaine Benes shouldn’t have been my idol at 7 years old.)
Favorite beverage: don’t make me choose between caffeine and alcohol I need both to live.
Last movie i saw in theaters: Mockingjay Part I (hah, didn’t have to retype that one!)
Favorite holiday: Christmas (or that one!)
Dream wedding: don’t talk about commitment it scares me. (but seriously this is a really complicated question for me, because honest answer: one my family takes seriously and recognises as valid. which quite possibly rules out a wedding to my current girlfriend, and also my love life is very messy right now.)
Dream job: I want to work for abc fact check or last week tonight. (but I also dream of a world where I earn $10k more a year and get sick pay.)

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I was tagged by two people for the six selfies meme recently, writeanotherballad and, uh…someone else. reflectingiridescent, was it you?

Anyway, here’s mah face, and a few other faces. I think Tumblr has already seen most of these but oh well.

  1. My dear friend Bonnie (zebrabelly) and me at the Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego last January, I think. I miss her face.
  2. Me in my thehpalliance “the greatest weapon we have = love” shirt on Valentine’s Day.
  3. Troy and me being cute, in Omaha last spring, I think?
  4. Me with my hair all curlified, after doing that stretchy-headband curls thing as an experiment. I’ve started to do it a couple of times since then, but I always get annoyed halfway through and give up. (The inclusion of this photo was a direct result of Ana’s curly-haired photo, ha!)
  5. Me, reflected in my laptop screen, outside on the playground last summer on a day when it was stupidly hot and humid.
  6. Me and Elliora, waiting for ramen in Kamakura last month. She wouldn’t smile so I copied her expression.

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The main thing for me, with Jack and Sam, is they’re not equals. For the entire length of time they’ve known each other, and we’ve known them, Jack has been Sam’s superior officer. She calls him sir and is ordered about by him and doesn’t question his instructions unless he’s going to get all of them, or the rest of the galaxy, killed. (Incidentally he is often quite disrespectful of her and her work, at least in the early seasons.) They’ve never been equals, and that’s kind of important in a relationship. To me, their personalities don’t seem to match up at all. It’s just sexual tension, with a touch of friendship confusing matters, and a few weeks’ dating or a couple of nights’ sex would get them straightened out, I think. Not to mention that they aren’t particularly close friends - beyond saving each other’s lives a half dozen times a week, there isn’t much connection between them. I would love them as close friends, and I think there’s definitely the potential there! If that had been actually used I might understand it more, but with the way things were written there’s nothing of substance to their story and relationship; I just cannot comprehend the two of them in a functional long-term relationship.

(I’m a huge Sam/Daniel shipper, actually, and I am open to shipping Sam with just about anyone, SG-1 or Atlantis - Jack is the only exception. I mean, apart from Hammond, that is.)

reflectingiridescent asked:

Ooh ok! Um...5?

I actually answered that one already too! :-P How about I just answer all the ones I haven’t answered yet? 

3: four favorite shows -I’ll go with shows I’m currently watching:

  1. Elementary
  2. Brooklyn Nine Nine
  3. Castle
  4. Leverage

4:three favorite books

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  3. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

6: nine favorite characters -I could cheat and use the ten favorite characters list I made a while back, but I think I’ll just list the first nine who come to mind, in no particular order. (Ugh, so many characters I love are being left off this list. SO MANY.)

  1. Jack O’Neill
  2. Aeryn Sun
  3. Parker
  4. Reagan (from Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl)
  5. Samantha Carter
  6. Data
  7. Donna Noble
  8. Amy Santiago
  9. Ray Holt

7: three favorite drinks

  1. Coffee coffee coffee. Did I mention coffee?
  2. Coke Zero
  3. Water

8: seven favorite foods

  1. homemade beef stew
  2. hot and sour soup
  3. lemon angel food cake
  4. my friend wwjend's homemade soy tortilla chips (my mouth is watering just thinking about them)
  5. avocados
  6. herbed goat cheese deliciousness 
  7. In-N-Out fries well-done (mmmmm, crunchy…)

10: twelve favorite tumblr people (NOT all-inclusive!)

  1. jenndoesnotcare
  2. rainbowrowell
  3. chevronlocked
  4. caitlinfaith
  5. writeanotherballad
  6. stuckonaglacierwithmacgyver
  7. geneeste
  8. pursuitofpages
  9. iblamethenubbins
  10. damecatoe
  11. im-talking-physics-sir
  12. reflectingiridescent ;-)

I hope this helped distract you from your cold, Kylee! xoxo

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name: Ben

nicknames: Sarge

birthday: March 21, 1990

gender: male

sexual orientation: homosexual (but only into guys I know well)

height: 5’4”

favourite colour: Purple

time and date at current moment: 13:50 December 11th

average hours of sleep: 5-6

last thing I googled: Work-related address verifications

first thing that comes to mind: Cole is my favorite Dragon Age character.

one place that makes me happy: A friend’s house

how many blankets i sleep under: Two? Usually a sheet and my comforter

favourite fictional character: Kaladin, The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

animation: Avatar: The Last Airbender

tv show:  Now? Probably How To Get Away With Murder. In general, probably Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

favourite beverage: Rum Punch

favourite food: Mac ‘n Cheese

last movie I saw in cinemas:  The Giver

dream holiday: Road trip in an RV with some close friends from around the world.

dream wedding: I’ve never really thought about it… Something straightforward, with a fun reception, maybe?

dream job: Doing it, actually. I like fixing houses.

I’ll tag wizard-ninja, threelittlemonkeybutts, and reflectingiridescent 


I baked you some macaroons.


So reflectingiridescent tagged me in this 6 selfies of 2014 thing…

1. This year was kind of my “feel good about myself” year. The story behind this photo is pretty great. One day I spent a lot of time getting ready for work, which I don’t normally do. But I noticed when I got there, instead of saying “you look really nice today” like my colleagues usually do when I wear make up, they were saying, “it’s nice to see you in such a good mood”. Like, I’ve had ups and downs, but this year I decided to stop feeling bad about myself, which has been pretty great for me.

2. I attended a wedding of two friends of mine this year and looked hella fine doing it. On the way home I got a text from a friend:
“So we just drove past you and one of the girls in the car said. Wow she is so pretty and looks amazing. Wonder if she knows how beautiful she is? So I thought id tell you :-) xx”
I felt pretty amazing that day!!

3. I turned 21 this year! Even though my birthday always falls when all my friends are holidaying, a few people were around and I had a great night out for dinner and drinks. I’ve been transforming into a grownup lately and it’s SUPER weird but actually it’s pretty great.

4. I love LOVE dressing up and this was the formal skimmons meme going around a while ago. I basically just sat around in this dress until it was time for work after taking the photo and I felt like a princess.

5. Mystery photo: I know I took it in the last three weeks after getting my new glasses but I cannot for the life of me remember taking the photo, where I was or what I was doing. I haven’t had any reason to be in a field and I am stumped completely!

6. This is what I looked like the night I attempted to talk to the boy I maybe kinda sorta like. I thought I looked hella cute tbh. This is a step I never planned to take and it might not go anywhere, but I feel like it’s a big moment for my character development!

I don’t know who to tag because I hardly know anyone on tumblr but boldlygotohelll, you’re it.

reflectingiridescent asked:

Hi, apparently I am to come here and flail about Mathematique and Vala and Vala/Daniel in your inbox. Because ladyknightthebrave told me to. Also because I found people as jazzed about the fic as me and thank goodness because that last chapter SLAYED me.


I mean, they write EVERYONE perfectly, but since Daniel and Vala are my BABIES and my OTP FOREVER AND EVER, yeah, I have EXTRA feels about them.


And don’t even get me STARTED about that chapter from Teal’c’s perspective where they’re cooking for Dr. Lam, because I. CANNOT. EVEN.

Basically my capability to yell and flail about this fic is endless, but I will stop there for now. Feel free to either go into specifics or just keep the flailing general.

Either way, I AM HERE FOR IT.

Tag game no.1

The game is Top 10 Husbands/Wives. The rules are, pretty much, to write down your top male/female celebrities or characters and then tag at least 10 people to do the same.

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In noooo particular order~

  1. Jack Falahee
  2. Connor Walsh (How To Get Away With Murder. Kinda cheating because he’s played by Jack Falahee but sh)
  3. Kristoff (Once Upon A Time Kristoff though, he’s kind of a dork and makes me giggle whenever I see him)
  4. Eric Nam
  5. Patrick Stump
  6. Nico Tortorella
  7. Gary Larsen (Royal Teeth)
  8. Quinn Jaxon
  9. Phoenix Wright
  10. Ned the Pie Maker (Pushing Daisies. WHY NOT.)

This actually was a tad harder than I thought it would be. Maybe I’m just so far removed from my sense of pop culture ;A;


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reflectingiridescent replied to your post “bethanyactually mentioned you in a photoset “carterlys: Stargate SG1:…”

OH MY GOD I AM SO EXCITED YOU BROUGHT THIS UP BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH RACISM IN STARGATE OMG (don’t even get me started on SGA. And I kind of get it because 90’s but like…remember the Chinese Goa’uld? And their forehead brands? Omfg.

oh no is sga worse? i assumed it would be better because it’s more recent. 

but gods yeah i’m really glad other people have seen it too because it does inhibit my enjoyment of the show….  

can we talk about the third episode where they meet that tribe descended from mongolian people and everyone in the tribe goes on at length about how sam’s the prettiest person they’ve ever seen because they’ve never seen a white person before??

also my feelings towards teal’c are similar to my feelings towards sam carter.  they’re extraordinary characters, but 99% of that is thanks to the actors, because the writers put 0 effort into making them three dimensional and interesting characters.  i didn’t realise how wonderful christopher judge is until the bodyswap episode, because he was given no good material until they let him portray a white person.