The beginning of a bad trip.

My sister and I were on our way to the unknown. A bag packed; pillow blanket, notebook, pens, weed, snacks, water; prepared for anything and everything that LSD potentially provides to those in search for something beyond. We were walking in a more secluded, foresty area of OR. Every time I had tripped before that, it was either nighttime or indoors; all had been great, but I craved a new kind of setting. I smiled to myself as I walked out into the warm, summer, afternoon sunlight, surrounded by green trees and colorful plants twisting into one another. I remember that irrepressible, body-trembling sense of expectation swirling around us. It was like the world was whispering to me, and I felt 100% capable of receiving the message with a little help of psychadelia. The universe was about to reveal some of its’ secrets to us, and I was ready. 

Arm in arm, we helped each other down a gravely slope to an unrevealed destination. I felt Julia slide a bit on the loose rocks. I tightened my grip on her arm, wanting to reassure her that I was there. We were both already tripping….laughing, loving, just enjoying life. “Hey, thanks…but if I fall, are you gonna catch me? Or am I going to have to take you down with me?” She was only joking, but whoa….for a life metaphor…this was actually a very vital question. It hit me that this was the first time I was tripping with only one other person, that person being my twin sister. I brushed off the antsy remark not wanting to get too deep just yet and we continued our way into the psychadelic vortex.


Was playing some For Glory Smash late one night and then this happened…

Stuff like this always seems to happen to me in free-for-alls…

Sorry about the crappy quality. I don’t have a HD capture card… yet.

Oh yeah! You should all go online and play as Palutena just so she can win the current “Unfair Advantage” Conquest. lol