reflecctions said:

27: Talk about your favorite part of someone else's body. x

I love people’s eyes. I love the colours and I love how much can happen and the colours and everything but I love hair too because you can do so much and style the hair still and it’s amazing I don’t know.

you guys may think that here on tumblr we brought the important subject of depression up so many times, especially considering and refleccting on Robin Williams’s death… to each their own, i guess, but seeing on facebook people sharing posts and articles of others about “maybe he needed God”, “that’s what happens when you don’t have Jesus in your heart, when you don’t look for him”, ”money and fame doesn’t guarantee happiness”, “how come he made everyone laugh and yet he was so unhappy?”. That all makes me see how much people ignore and invisibilize the struggle they don’t seem to have.

everybody can see his death from differents point of view and that’s valid, but erasing a big part of the story that is the fact that he was suffering from a mental illness and that suicide isn’t a desicion some makes right of the blue, coherently and just because or reasons…is being close minded, is not understanding anything at all and it means that we still have a long road before we build a society free from wrongs perceptions and stereotypes.