These Tumblr's are Dope

These tumblr’s are dope.  In fact we consider them our top five of the week.  Here’s why:

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SFMOMA  - The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: it’s an awesome museum and has a really well maintained tumblr- hosting a huge gamut of art and info.  And we really like the Friday submission portion in which subscribers are encouraged to submit their own work.

BLACKARTY - BLACKARTY is self-described simply as ‘French Taste’.  Furthermore BLACKARTY calls herself: “a young french girl interested by art, poetry, graphism and design."  But to us she’s a curator of some of the most consistently good images out there, with posts that are both current and classic at the same time.  She excepts questions, takes submissions, and even likes us!  Good job BLACKARTY, tres bien

NIKOLA WAS HERE - Another young’n.  20 year-old Croatian-born Nikola Pavlinovic posts his own photos and GIFs, but also reblogs an assortment of evocative material.  Consistently edgy his posts range from heartfelt human photographs to, shall we say: titillating images.  And one more thing: his GIFS are f*cking ill.

SWIM CLASS - A so-called image obsessed artist, designer, editor, and human- SWIM CLASS has a lot of fashion-forward images but also a plethora of stunning landscapes.  Everything is all clean in the most technical sense of the word; the pictures are focused, the images are sharp, and the portraits are well composed.  SWIM CLASS IS a mean, clean, art machine.

THIS PENDANT WORLD - Pendant World is a bit different.  If it’s not all original work out there, certainly the wide-majority (which is awesome) is.  This Pendant world creatures a bold and robust style which we happen to love.

We can’t do this without an Honorable Mention to:

FCKNN - There’s a lot of collections of landscape photography out there, but FCKNN’s is quite simply fcknn awesome.