(leans into mic) (coughs) spencer reeid
(crowd cheers middle volume)
(grabs mic off stand) PENELOPE G ARCIA!!
(crowd goes fucking wild)


”Your move.”

She taps the holoboard lightly with a pristinely manicured nail, painted a deep blood red. An unassuming black pawn slides forward. They trade turns a few times before Reeid asks the obvious question hanging in the awkward silence between them.

“Why did you come here?”

She feigns thoughtfulness, blinking her wide, ice-blue eyes innocently while tapping the board again, summoning a knight forward to take one of Reeid’s pawns.

“Why, to play of course,” she finally answers cutely, red lipstick to match red nails.

He does not believe that for even a millisecond.

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Class: Imperial Sniper 

Race: Human 

Family History: Reeid grew up with a single father; he remembers nothing about his mother, who left when he was 3. His father was a simple mechanic who could barely support himself and his son - his father used to play card games and other puzzle games with him as a child, which is where Reeid developed a love for logic games and puzzles. Reeid’s father died when Reeid was 17, from disease; after his death, Reeid decided to enter the Imperial Academy and study to become an imperial agent, in order to put his intelligence and logical mind to good use doing something productive, which would have made his father proud.

Personality: Cold, aloof, and inconspicuous. Reeid prefers not to be noticed, which works out for him, considering much of his job relies on stealth. Reeid is logical, calculating, and not easily amused. He prefers order and organization. He does not speak much, and spends most of his time thinking. The harder a mission, the better: he prefers to personally challenge himself every time he is given a task. Reeid was always a highly intelligent person, and never seemed to get along well with other people; raised in an isolated, lower class home with only his quiet father to talk to and rely on, Reeid grew up with few friends and little interest in other humans/aliens/living beings. He doesn’t mind working for the Empire, because the Empire is organized - while he dislikes the insanity and unpredictability of the Sith, he respects the imperial military and the other agents for their logic, organization, and reliability. The truth is, Reeid is quite claustrophobic and highly dislikes crowds…he can’t stand to be among large groups of people, and would honestly prefer to be alone, since that’s how he’s always been. He has not yet met anyone able to capture his attention much beyond a feeling of duty or respect. If he has the capability to love or feel attracted to anyone, it hasn’t come out yet, and maybe it never will. Such a lack of emotional attachments or feelings makes him a wonderfully efficient killer, but perhaps a somewhat unapproachable person in general. 

stormcloak replied to your post: stormcloak replied to your photo: LMFAO I turn on…

Bro I can hook you up with armoring and mods, just LET ME KNOW. <3

I mean, if you want to, then I’ll save my coins! He just needs a uniform of some sort, honestly. It’s just embarrassing for him lol I just haven’t been able to get one yet in-game that has the right stats…

when you mail it to me tho you gotta say with love from Kovin that’s all I require