There's only us - Reegal

Rachel didn’t know if she was coming or going after the other day, Reegan’s secret and stirred something in Rachel that she didn’t know existed. There is not other kind of soul mate than the one you were created with. Twins have connections with one another which are so strong that nothing can break them, but for Rachel it was something else, something deeper. It always had been, but when Reegan went to that other school, Rachel felt lost and alone, school was so hard for her. She wanted nothing more than to have her sister there with her to make her feel better, to tell her the slushies in her face we okay, and that she wasn’t such a loser. Finn had been great, he’d been there to help pick her up, to make her feel protected, and while she’d fallen in love with him, and there had been times he’d hurt her, he wasn’t her big sister.

Walking to her sisters room, Rachel reached up and gently knocked on her bedroom door, licking her lips slowly. “Reegan, it’s me. I.. can’t I come in?”