What in my mailbox?

To thank my lovely and generous sponsors, here’s a post for them. Thank you so much for having me!

Oasap is my first sponsor in this blog, and even before I was a reblog-blog. They can be your sponsor too! Click the Oasap link :)

Contrast Color Double Strap Fold Over Shoulder Bag- This bag is my favorite so far! It’s so chic and I can use it everyday.

Lightning Style Ring- This is so cute and cool! I’m loving this ring forever since it’s my first one!

Pantyhose with Heart Shaped Embellishment- Another cute one! This is so cute and comfortable to wear. And it was delivered faster than the others. :)

In dress me (formerly known as Reecn)

Bowknot Sleeveless Pink Dress- the dress is so cute and comfortable to wear. Because of this, I am in love with collars!

Personalized Accessories is one of my favorite shops (oh, I love them all of course!)(maybe because of Ate Joan; she’s so kind. Oh Hi Ate!). 

She gave me 3 necklaces but the Deathly Hallows one is not in the picture for some reason.

Anyway, I always use them even if I’ll just go somewhere.

Verzelle Couture is a shop full of awesomeness and everything else! The rings they gave me are all beautiful, especially the vintage rings! I wanted to cry because of the prettiness! omg~

Yellow Daisies Accessories sells accessories and they are just so adorable!

Rings and Tings sells anything fashionable from rings to tops to bags! So cool!

They are so cute! The ring, the bracelet and the necklace. So elegant!

PS: If you want your shop to be a sponsor of my blog, e-mail me at blog.bipolardoll@yahoo.com. Thank you.
PPS: This is my first post in this blog. I transferred to another blog because of some reasons.