I hate reading comments on articles about the beautiful/handsome face list

Girls list: “Nana isn’t even that pretty”

"Nana is so ugly without makeup"

"Nana is just photogenic she’s not pretty in person"

Constantly, whereas nobody says anything about the male list.

Jealous little girls can stay jealous

truthisademurelady asked:

So, that drabble post: 74: Leslie and Ben (but if parks and rec is out, then Henry and Lt. Reece) :D :D :D

74: Are you challenging me?

I tried to get the actual prompt in there, but it ended up working out better this way, and got the spirit of the prompt, so I figured it counted. :D 

“What?” Leslie moved into a sitting position, away from where she had been snuggled up to Ben, her voice shrill and loud in the dark living room.

Ben leaned back, bewildered. Although, after a year of marriage, he really shouldn’t have been this shocked, he mused. “Leslie, all I said was that the movies really weren’t that good. Especially in comparison to the books.”:

“Harry Potter and Harry Potter Night are sacred in this household. The books are amazing and nothing can ever touch them, but you cannot deny that the movies are completely magical.” Leslie said, in full fight mode.

Ben sighed and if had it been around, he would have looked directly into the camera that seemed to be almost constantly present. He hit the pause button on the Barty Crouch Jr being interrogated and shook his head slightly at the image paused on the screen. That tongue thing had always freaked him out.

“Okay, the movies aren’t all bad, but you can’t say that Goblet of Fire was a ‘magical’ adaptation. Even if you just look at the scene with Dumbledore and Harry after Harry’s name is called, they’re completely ruining the character. The book clearly says that Dumbledore asked Harry calmly, and even if it hadn’t been that explicit, Dumbledore would never have acted that way. Even if that was the only offense, which it wasn’t,” Ben pressed as he saw Leslie open her mouth to argue, “any adaptation that changes the characters that much, can’t be called good. It just can’t.”

“But what about how well it shows the trio maturing, and how well it potrays Voldemort’s return. You can’t tell me you don’t feel the smallest amount of dread and terror at that scene. And I know you can’t be against…”

As Ben mentally prepared his next argument, he couldn’t help but feel his heart swell a little at how much he loved this woman. She was wrong, of course, but he loved her for how much she was willing to fight him on the things she believed in.