Hey everyone! My buddy Reece (two-sticks-and-a-rock) came to me with a really really cool idea. He decided that, since there’s a list with a bunch of people so you can find someone to play Destiny with, it would also be cool to have a clan for the tumblr community. 

So he made one.

Their mission statement:

A place for all Tumblr users who play Destiny (Both Xbox and Playstation) to come together and find new people to play with, find partners for raids, and talk about Space Dragons relentlessly.

And I mean, how could you go wrong with Space Dragons? 

jesus fucking christ.

stop comparing chasing shadows to sherlock

stop making everything about your freaking fandom

stop. comparing. the. shows.


stop. COMPARING. it.

jesus. can we not have one thing that

isn’t oh my god that’s just like sherlock

because one person is smart and the other is their partner.

no. sean stone has an asperger’s that he deals with.

they actually have poc.

they have totally different themes

stop. get out

of the tag.

Watch on ummmmwut.tumblr.com

Mark Gatiss has the douchiest American accent. And omg Reece, hahaha. Hilarious.


Direct from her role in Romeo and Juliet on Broadway, Condola Rashad has joined Fox’s upcoming drama series HIEROGLYPH.

HIEROGLYPH is set in ancient Egypt and centers on a thief who is taken from prison to serve the Pharaoh, played by Reece Ritchie (who describes himself as “mixed”).
The 13 episode series combines fantasy and reality and involves sorcerers, the criminal underground, romantic scandals and more.

Rashad will play Nefertari, the Pharaoh’s beautiful half-sister.

The series was created by Travis Beacham. He will produce alongside Peter Chernin, Katherine Pope and Miguel Sapochnik, who is set to direct the pilot episode.

Read more about Condola Rashad and HIEROGLYPH  at www.broadwayworld.com