#64; meeting his parents

James: His hand was in yours the whole ride to the house, trying his best to calm the nerves rattling your body. You told him months ago that you were nervous about meeting his parents for the first time, and those feelings remained. As James pulled the car in to the drive-way, you watched as the front door of the house opened to reveal his parents and older brother. James felt your grip on his hand tighten. “It’s going to be okay.” He whispered, pressing his lips to your cheek before stepping out. To your surprise his mum Paula ran straight to you, giving you a hug as she talked about how long she was waited to see you. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all. 

Jake: You couldn’t count the times that you heard Jake’s mum tell him how bad she wanted to see you over the phone. You wanted to meet her as well, but you were still a little nervous if she would like you or not. From what you heard Jake had never brought anyone home that she was too fond of, so when you stepped in to the house one afternoon your heart was pounding out of your chest. Jake placed a hand on your lower back, he tried to keep you calm as Teresa greeted you two at the door. “(Y/N), it’s finally nice to meet you.” She had seen all the pictures, heard your voice over the phone, but had never been in the same room as you. You smile at her, “It’s fine to meet you too.” As you stand awkwardly near the door, she motioned both of you inside. “Come on in, I’ll make you all a cup of tea.” A bit of weight on your shoulders lifted. 

Barclay: Barclay swore you had never been more insecure about your accent, the way you dress, your voice, or the way you act until two minutes before you walked in the house to meet his mum and siblings. You had already met his dad months ago, in which he liked you, but the approval of his mum is what you needed. After arriving a few minutes ago, giving hand-shakes to his mum Donna and siblings, you and Barclay sat at the dinner table with them for a meal. “So Barclay tells me you are a uni student?” His mum asks and you nod. “Yes, I am in medical school.” Donna laughed and sipped on her tea. “Well that’s good. Barclay tends to injure himself a lot, so I’m glad he’ll have someone around to take care of him.” She joked. 

Casey: Even though Case did have the rep for being quite the “ladies man”, it wasn’t hard to believe that he hadn’t brought home a girl to meet his mum. Before you two got together he wasn’t the one for a serious relationship, which meant he had never brought a girl home to meet his parents. You had met Chet a month into the relationship, but never had the chance to meet his parents until later on. But you had talked to them over the phone, so it wasn’t like you hadn’t talked or met. Officially anyway. One afternoon you and Casey walked into the London restaurant for a dinner with his mum and dad. As you walked to the table you and his mum had immediate eye contact and she stood, holding out her arms. A little unsure of what to do, you continued to walk to her, and she wrapped her arms around you. You laughed. “It’s so nice to finally meet you. I feel like I have waited forever!” And the rest of the night was filled with laughter and talking. 

Tom: After you and Tom both decided that you wanted to settle down together, he wanted to take the first step and let you meet his parents. Tom had already met your parents a couple months into dating, accidentally really. (Tom came to your apartment to check up on you after you ran into the building, and just ironically your parents walked in for dinner a moment later.) (Perfect timing as always.) But you weren’t nervous as you thought you would be meeting his mum and dad, it was more casual than anything. They knew you and Tom were serious about each other, so there was no lovey-dovey questions. The whole afternoon with his parents was spent talking over a meal. 

Chris: Meeting his parents wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Just at the thought of meeting them rattled you, thinking of all the questions they would ask you, how they would react to seeing you, it all made you nervous. But what you didn’t expect, honestly, was them being the same as Chris. As you spent breakfast with them, you didn’t know that both his parents had the same sense of humor, almost the same-laugh, and the same personality as Chris. That made it a little bit easier talking to them than just stoned-faced people. 

Reece: If it was possible for a woman to love her sons girlfriend so much after just meeting her, Reece’s mum, Lyndsey, was that woman. You expected her to hug you, maybe say a few kind words and leave, but that wasn’t the case. As you stand in Fountain Studios with the other family members for the nights show, you meet Lyndsey for the first time. She immediately hugs you, wrapping you tight in her arms and smiles. You could only laugh. The whole night she talked to you about Reece and the boys, asks you all the questions in the world, and complimented you on just about everything. After the show you all were let backstage to see them, and Reece greets you with a hug, and then he see’s you with his mum. He groans quietly. “Please tell me she didn’t tell you anything embarrassing.” 

Charlie: When you met Julie for the first time over dinner at Charlie’s house, you thought that he was quite possibly the cutest little baby. It happened. Charlie’s nightmare had officially happened when the scrapbook was pulled out. “And here is when he was sang on stage during a school musical for the first time.” Charlie’s father Rikuss laughed from across the table at Charlie’s reaction, which was to place his head on the table and groan. You laugh and reach out, grabbing his arm and shaking him. “Oh, you were a cute baby.” Julie said and flipped the page to reveal more embarrassing baby photos. 

Preference 3

Your favorite thing about him:

Reece: Dimples. You swear you fall in love with him a little bit more every time he smiles or smirks. Whenever his dimples become apparent on the corners of his lips, your heart flutters and you just want to wrap him up in your arms and kiss him until you have to let go.

James: Hair. You’ve always thought it was extremely attractive for a boy to actually care about his appearance, so you don’t mind that James takes a little bit longer gelling his hair to perfection. You think it suits him perfectly and makes him look extra hot, even when he just puts a cap on top of it. Sometimes you’ll run your hands through it just to mess with him.

Jake: Laugh. Every time Jake laughs, you can’t help but crack a smile or join in. You’ve always thought he was extremely adorable when he broke into a fit of laughter. It attracts you to him more and more each time he laughs, which is a lot. 

Charlie: Eyes. His crystal blue eyes are so memorizing to you. You’re always getting lost in them. Sometimes you’ll just stare and wonder how he’s so beautiful. His eyes always pop out to you and the way that they glisten when they see you melts your heart.

Tom: Hands. You love his hands. You love how big and rough they are from playing guitar. They fit perfectly into yours and you’re always grabbing them whenever you two are out in public. You also love when he uses his hands for other activities that other people would be best not to know about.

Casey: Hugs. Casey is a lot taller than you so his hugs are absolute perfection. You love the warmth that travels through your body when he wraps you in his strong arms. Your head always rests on his chest and you can hear his heart beat. His chin is usually resting on your shoulder or on top of your head. He’ll then kiss your forehead and tell you how much he loves you, one of the main reasons you love his hugs.

Chris: Smile. This one is kind of obvious considering Chris is ‘Smiley Kick’, but to you, his smile is much more than just a smile. You love seeing him happy and laughing, it warms your heart. Whenever he cracks a grin, you can’t help but stare. Sometimes he’ll catch you and pull you in for a kiss, smiling into it.

Barclay: Nose. It’s a little odd but there is just something about his nose. It’s flawless and you think every boy should have the same nose as him. You always kiss him there before traveling down to his lips. Barclay always laughs at you when you say how perfect his nose is, but it is the truth.

Hey guys! Don’t be shy and request some preferences! If I get requests, I’ll be able to post them more often! Also you can request imagines as well but those might take a little bit longer to upload! PS These are actually my favorite things about the boys, except for Casey, I can’t decide if I love his laugh, smile, or hair more so I just put hugs because I imagine he gives amazing hugs! Have a great day!