Final Video Meeting Tomorrow Before we begin Shooting the Video for my New Single Red Velvet Love Prod: By @slythegentlemen Honestly the best Youngest Producer I know one of them into some one Prove me dif lol #redvelvetlove #gizzyboyy #teamgizzyboyyforever #video this video is going to be more then outstanding and different


#nadiacakes #minnesota listening to my new song Red Velvet Love on the Radio #redvelvetlove my favorite kind of cake

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Harry Marcel Styles is the schools biggest nerd. With gelled back hair, glasses and a love for knitted sweaters, he really is classed as the schools biggest joke. It is to no one’s surprise that he is being bullied by popular football captain, Louis Tomlinson, and his jock friends. As they both attend Doncaster High School, Harry has no way of avoiding the threats that come from Louis daily.

However, the only real problem to the situation is that Harry-sadly-has fallen head over heels in love with Louis. He keeps a diary of all events and times where Louis hurts him or insults him, and refers to Louis as ‘the boy with blue eyes’, hoping that one day, Louis will understand how much Harry is pained by Louis’ actions.

Despite Louis’ popular image, Harry may actually be the only one to break him and show Louis exactly what being in love feels like.

#RedVelvetLove Recipe Party on Pinterest

Whether you’ll be making Valentine treats for family, friends or a special someone, you’ll want to mark your calendar and join us for the Red Velvet Love Recipe Party on Pinterest! We’ll be sharing easy and creative recipes perfect for everyday to special days, made delicious with M&M’s® Red Velvet! To add a fun twist […]

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