Final Video Meeting Tomorrow Before we begin Shooting the Video for my New Single Red Velvet Love Prod: By @slythegentlemen Honestly the best Youngest Producer I know one of them into some one Prove me dif lol #redvelvetlove #gizzyboyy #teamgizzyboyyforever #video this video is going to be more then outstanding and different


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And Continue To Live Happily

by RedVelvetLove

After a drunk night out Louis wakes up next to a tattooed covered boy, Harry Styles. Harry finds that he is growing feelings for the stranger that he spent the night with but Louis is completely mortified as he is due to get married in a few months time to his fiancee Eleanor; but it isn’t as simple as just forgetting because Harry insists that they at least stay friends meaning that the more time they spend together alone, the more conflicted Louis starts to feel.

But not only that, Harry finds himself believing that love actually exists, except for him, he will only be lead to a broken heart and multiple matching tattoos.

Words: 5609, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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