Not like anyone could give two shits, but this is a poster I made for my project on Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. After hours of trying to hide my obvious lack of photoshopping skills, this was the product. I decided I should actually post this to Tumblr before I forgot.

Creds to the marvelous redustrial-ruin for her Beyond Birthday portrayal. I was ecstatic when I got the okay from her to go ahead and use a photo of her B cosplay. I really think she is the best B cosplayer out there - she really knew how to bring his character to life. Again (for the millionth time. I promise I’m not crazy - just a bit too much of a fangirl) thank you so much, Red. I really appreciate it.

Mello (Mihael Keehl) & L Lawliet portrayals both done by myself.

That’s it, I guess. Sorry for the lack of a good caption, I’m not in the best of moods. I probably should have posted this later. Oh well, I’m going to bed. ~ Aszii


Welcome to the ask blog of Beato and Battler. 

Game Masters, Spouses, and experts in GETTIN’ TURNT. 

This is redustrial-ruin here, your local tumblr Beato. I will be doing Umineko asks videos and other such things on youtube along with my precious toy, I mean, husband, maxieyi-marz.

I said what I was going to do it and here it is. The camera’s ready people. Ask us shit. Or I’ll clearly drink myself into a coma.

I promise fun. 

EDIT: PLEASE SENDS ASKS TO redustrial-ruin OR maxieyi-marz

For some reason the ask button isn’t working for this.. I probably need to make an entirely new tumblr which sucks.

I’ll take a vote. Do you guys think there should be a brand new blog with an ask button or is it fine the way it is? 


o0o0o0o0oooooooooooo o3o
here’s more from our shoot with DROO at Otakuthon 2013 <3

The eyes in the background of the second were hard to work on. I used a stock picture of Marz’s eye as Alucard. I had a vision of it happening in my head and wanted to create it. This was the best I could do. Still don’t know how I feel about it. 

We squeezed these in at the last moment. I have more of me by myself than with Marz right now, so I wanted more shippy pictures <3 He’s stillgroping me. :3  in reality, he was just making sure me goods weren’t showing from beneath me skirt XD Master’s a gentleman like that o_O

Hellsing Ultimate 

Alucard Cosplay:  #maxieyi-marz
Seras Victoria cosplay: me ( #redustrial-ruin )
Photos by:  #DROOphotographer :
editing by me  D;

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Here it is, everyone! Episode One of Ask Beato and Battler! We answered a few of the questions you guys sent and are looking for more! This was fun! Send us more questions! We’re’ intrigued to see what you humans will come up with.

Enjoy! -Beato and Battler ( redustrial-ruin & maxieyi-marz )


Umineko Cosplay: Ask Beatrice & Battler - When Shit Goes CRAY (via youtube) / GIFSET

Source Video: HERE

Beatrice is redustrial-ruin, Battler Ushiromiya is maxieyi-marz

Guest Battler and Chick Beato: ducesa-photography and traumaticcandy 

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This is Redustrial, she is one of my favorite cosplayers <3 .And if you have ever gotten upset about a famous cosplayer not cosplaying any of your favorite Animes/video game characters anymore (like Parle not doing KH) you should watch at least the first 10 minutes of this <3 It is a very good reminder that they are people too and they have the right to cosplay who they want <3 . Love you Red <3 and I will follow you no matter what you do  ^w^

I was lost on a title again. I’ve been playing with this one on and off. It’s another one from Otakuthon that my little Trauma babu took :D  I can’t wait to see her again for AB! <3
And speaking of AB, I want to get this arm even bigger by then. I added onto it already but I’m still not satisfied. I thought too much about functionality, which was great and all, I love being able to walk around with the arm on without it being too much of a hassle, but it’s just.. so small in pictures v.v I need MOARRRR

But I digress, as always. Enjoy! and hopefully after AB, I’ll have even better Seras pictures, with a better arm.


Seras Victoria cosplay and Photo Editing by: me ( #redustrial-ruin )
Photo by:  #traumaticcandy <3

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Umineko Cosplay: Ask Beatrice and Battler: When Shit Goes CRAY

We were excited to upload this one. This isn’t really a Q&A session, so much as us going back and forth, drunk Beato, screwups.  The first two I don’t think can compare to this one. It’s definitely the best IMO. I hope you guys enjoy it. 

Also, Look for cameos of traumaticcandy and ducesa-photography as Chick!Bea and Bato. 

((I really hope you guys like this one. I had a big pain making it ^^;)

I love the people I know of...

You ever have those moments where you come across a photo you bookmarked and forgot about? We all have. You ever had that moment where you open said bookmark and laugh your ass off at the photo? I just had two of those moments.

This picture made me laugh my ass off when Marz shared it with us on livestream at one in the morning. It still makes me chuckle. I couldn’t even begin to explain why but it does. Maybe it’s because he’s crossplaying and I’m used to seeing him as an excessively masculine character. Maybe it’s because he shaved his legs to the hip. Who knows.

This picture requires no explanation to be found funny but I’ll explain anyway. It’s from an interview “Sebastian”, “Ciel”, and “Alois” did while Sebby was *ahem* deep in his cups. It’s pretty freaking hilarious. You should just watch it. Marz even explains his fucked up logic behind this…creature. No one can/could follow it.
On a side note: I asked Marz just how drunk he was and he replied that “[he] wasn’t drunk Sebastian was”. Oh lord. *rolls eyes* 

EDIT: Hey, um, don’t watch that video, it’s not the right one. My bad. Oh it’s funny but it’s the wrong part. I’ll fix it tomorrow. Right now I’m on my phone (yay for apps) and youtube mobile is kind of difficult to navigate. Or at least it is on my BlackBerry. Sorry for my fail. Fixed! :D

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Here it is, episode 2 of our little Q&A extravaganza. We’re having a lot of fun with this, everyone! Thanks for submitting, and as always, we are always looking for more questions and requests. 

In this Q&A we cover where to get the best suit, why I, Beatrice, am so angry, and what other fetishes Battler has besides BREASTS. 

((I’ve yet to get what I need to install the ask button here, so again, til further notice, send questions/requests to redustrial-ruin or maxieyi-marz))

((also, new OP with more of Beato’s Rap until we can do an actual MV))

In light of the recent "Tumblr Unfamous" post, I wanna do stuff for you peeps. If you want me to write you a fanfic about whatever (OR IF YOU WANT ME TO REBLOG A THING YOU FEEL IS SUPER IMPORTANT BECAUSE HEY THATS FUN) , then inbox me. You watch SNK? great. You watch MLP? Fantastic. You don't watch many things but you read a fuckton of books? Woah there that's stupendous. I just wanna write you guys a thing cuz I really am appreciative of the 32 of you that think I'm actually cool

EDIT: I tried sending a lot of you asks, but since either my laptop hates me or the universe wants me to go an alternate route or whatever, I’m just gonna tag you all here so you can see it

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