Happy Earth Day!

1. 20+ Ways to Celebrate Earth Day.

2. Use Coffee Grounds as a Body Scrub. 3 More Ways to Recycle Coffee Grounds From Your Coffee Maker.

3. 5+ Ways to Reuse Tea Bags.

4. Make a Planter out of an Old Milk Jug.

5. 5 Ways to Recycle Eggshells in Gardening Activities.

6. Make a Wine Bottle Plant Waterer. And Make a Bathmat (or Corkboard) from Corks.

7. Make a Disco Ball with CDs. Another 5+ Ways to Reuse Styrofoam.

8. 10+ Ways to Recycle Old Plastic Bags. 15+ Ways to Reuse Empty Pill Bottles.

9. 50+ Ways to Reuse Old Toothbrushes.

10. 5+ Ways to Recycle Old Pantyhose. And 30+ Ways to Recycle Your Socks.

11. 10+ Ways to Use Old Tennis Balls.

12. 15+ Ways to Reuse Silica Gel.

È la solitudine che apre i vari regni della creazione, minerale, vegetale, animale. Apre alla mente, al proprio essere conforme. La solitudine è una ricchezza capace di arginare, crescendo, sia la noia sia la logica del branco. Da lì s’ascende e si precipita e ci s’allarga intorno. La solitudine è benedetta, fiorisce e fa fiorire, se s’accompagna all’amore. Sicuro.
—  Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Reduce

HAPPY EARTH DAY! Remember that we share this world, and it is our responsibility as free-thinking creatures of the Earth that we take care of ourselves and our home. As a wildlife biology and environmental science major I felt it was important to do my part in reminding you all how to better your own lives, and in doing so you will better the planet. So please remember, REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE.


Buffalo Exchange is a secondhand store where you can buy or sell used clothing. The Exes Collection is an idea that encourages people to sell leftover clothes from their ex girl or boyfriend. Call it revenge or a means to move on, in either case you come out as a winner.

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How to make a DIY Upcycled Old Jeans to Shabby Chic Denim Bracelet

“Wear your jeans! Today I made this shabby chic bangle bracelet.  From the inseam of an old pair of Levis.”  (x)

"A jean bracelet can come from old jeans that you no longer wear. You will love the outcome and love the fact that it may only take you about 25 minutes or so to make. You will not need much except maybe a few beads here and there.” (x)

“Celebrate Earth Day in style! Since this holiday is all about repurposing, we used an old pair of jeans and turned them into a bracelet!

1. Supplies: metal wire, old jeans, beads, scissors or wire cutters

2. Cut the inseam from your jeans. Make sure it’s long enough to wrap around your wrist twice.

3. Fold the end of the wire over, this makes it easier to Feed the wire through the inseam (Warning: This can be a bit time consuming! ). Make sure you leave about an inch of wire on either side of the bracelet hanging out so you can attach your beads.

4. Feed your beads at each end, and secure them by wrapping the wire tightly around. Place around your wrist. We think this would be awesome with colored jeans as well. Enjoy your new jewelry!” (x)

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