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10. biggest turn on(s)

i have the biggest goddamn competency kink on the face of the fuckin planet, gawd. PEOPLE WHO ARE GOOD AT THINGS OMFGGGGGGG. also probably massages cause my back is like the only place i’m sensitive at all. also um. other stuff that i’m not quite ready to talk about on a public forum lmao

18. phobia

i… have a few of them. let’s see… spiders. the dark. getting lost. the wicked witch of the west. um… there are more but those are the big ones i think. 

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Natasha Romanoff/Clint Barton

vomit / no way / don’t ship / ok / fucking cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / flawless / ship forever / i will ship them in hell/ i have feelings about them more complex than i can select from these options but basically amount to they understand each other more than anybody else and they know each other’s ugliness too well to love each other the way they need to be loved but it’s better than nothing and it’s better than they ever expected to get and maybe they will go off and love other people, and that will be fine, but there’s something to be said for compatible tragedy and they both know what it’s like to have been unmade.

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Even though he was wearing the same (or basically the same) costume, I could tell immediately that that wasn’t Oliver. Which I really like. This plot development intrigues me a lot.

Yeah.  The build was all wrong to be Oliver, but I thought it was Dig for a split second.  I am really excited to see where this is heading too.  It makes sense given something Stephen Amell tweeted or facebooked earlier (can’t remember which) where he was filming with Ra’s on a later episode.

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6. Your best experience going to the movies?

I’ve had some good ones, but I’d probably have to go with Inception, if only because the audience reaction to the end (including mine) was priceless.

11. A movie you watched mainly for the actor?

I first watched The Departed mostly for Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio (I guess I also knew it had won the Oscar for Best Picture, but that was back when I didn’t really care about those things). It ended up being one of my favorite movies ever.

17. A movie that you know it’s bad but you can’t help but love it?

Does the Fright Night remake count? It’s so cheesy but some of the most fun I’ve ever had watching a movie.

19. Favorite quote from a movie?

That’s a terrible question. -.-

But fiiiiiiine I’ll choose one. I’ll go with “They should have sent a poet” from Contact.

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40 pages in a day?! Whaa how???? I can’t remember, did you tell me what your thesis is about? Six Flags/comic con sounds awesome. It’s NY comic con? I’ve been okay, kind of constantly stressed but nothing unusual really.

Isn’t it awful that “constant stress” is considered the usual? I’m sorry you feel that way. School can majorly suck (I’m assuming school is the cause because school is ALWAYS my primary source of stress, but hopefully not leaping to any wrong conclusions here). 

Technically it was like, 20 pages one night and 20 during the course of the next, but I knew what happened and it just sort of flowed. As opposed to now, where I’m pointedly avoiding looking at my systems tray and the microsoft word icon sitting accusingly there. My thesis is a sci fi story about space ships and time travel and lesbians and the end and beginning of the universe, so you know, nothing much ;)

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why would you do that to yourself??

The end of year rush to see all the (probable) Best Picture nominees is a rough couple months, let me tell you that redporchobserver replied to your post“Just saw Gravity and 12 Years a Slave back to back. Just going to…”

OMGGGGGGG!!!! WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS!!!!!! lajfwjiofjorfiozjcfioj

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Please tell me what you thought of 12 Years this is not a drill I’m desperate to see that movie you have no idea

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Yesssss! Aren’t they so good?? /leans forward eagerly

SO GOOD. VERY EMOTION. MUCH FEELINGS. I wanted to see both these films so badly and I was not disappointed at all. I’m not sure which one was better, and there’s honestly not a point comparing them since they both aim to do such wildly different things in wildly different worlds. Although I guess you could categorize them both as movies about what we’ll do to get back home.  Random thoughts:
  • I know somewhere on the internet, some fan is fundamentally and disgustingly misinterpreting Benedict Cumberbatch’s character and I strangely compelled to search until I find it
  • I heard people are talking shit about Sandra Bullock’s performance. Those people are hella wrong, what the fuck movie were they watching
  • There’s nothing quite like listening to my dad cry at a movie and pretending he’s not
  • Also I cried a lot at these movies
  • Although surprisingly for 12 Years, not till the end
  • Yay, Canada
  • Goddamn am I a sucker for a long single take

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Talk about it to me! What panels did you go to? What did you see and get? Any especially good cosplays?

I saw Community(which ive seen before, and was just as great, panels where the cast really like eachother are the best) and Hannibal which Bryan Fuller was fun to see and so was Raul Esparza, and you could tell that they really appreciate their fans.
Did gravity falls which was fun, especially since Jason Ritter was on the panel and ive had a crush on him since middle school when i would watch him on Joan of Arcadia, and that panel gave out a lot of free swag. And then we did Hall H on Saturday where the highlights were the hobbit panel, Robert Rodriguez (just cause i like him) and the Women who kick ass panel was awesome, except for the asshole guys behind us who wouldn’t stop mocking it until some guy told them to shut the fuck up. And of course the Marvel Panel was awesome, and so was the Avengers cast and the footage they showed.
Also saw the Flash and Gotham Pilot (kinda dozed of during Gotham,just because i was so excited, but what i saw looked great) but they both look great and on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, like Flash is a lot more light hearted and Gotham is super intense, and looks like its going to be a lot more about the back stories of villains than batman, which is cool. But i think i might go and catch up on Arrow because i think im gonna watch Flash and they seem like they are gonna do a lot of crossover with the two, which i think will be really awesome.

And i dont know if i have just gotten use to incredible cosplays over the last couple of years or what but there wasnt really one that made me like stop dead in my tracks in amazement, although i did really like this creepy woody.

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Looking forward to anything? Tell me something you’re excited about/obsessed with lately :)

Well I’ve been pretty obsessed with my thesis lately; I wrote around 40 pages in the span of 24 hours, though I’ve been slowing down lately I feel like I’m just taking a break. I don’t feel like what I’ve come up with is especially good right now but I’m not overly worried. God knows I’m going to have to rewrite the entire thing in editing anyways :)

The thing I’m most excited about is probably going to comic con with my friend Kate who is an amazing and frankly terrifying human being. I’m also pumped to go to six flags for fright fest for my birthday in october. also just fall and october in general :D

How about you?? How are things going?

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Damn, that’s a lot of stuff. What minors are you thinking of adding? Hope you work everything out :)

Probably British Studies, because once you’ve studied in Wroxton all you need to do is take one more class on British Lit and you’re golden.

Only problem is, the only class I’m available to take is one on Chaucer (and apparently British Lit courses don’t run all that often at my campus, so I shouldn’t wait) and that class looks like it’s going to KICK MY FUCKING ASS. Mostly just because I know the professor is some kind of genius (he’s 27ish and knows like 30 languages) and we’re going to be working with the text completely in middle english by the end of the year. Fun.

But because I’m a stubborn spiteful asshole that hates myself, I’m going to take it just to prove to myself that I can. Probably. 

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You started watching Happy Endings???? WHat? WHEN??? We must talk.

Just finished seven episodes in two days and it turns out that season one’s only 13 episodes. I figure I can knock it out by tomorrow. I’ll be ready with my thoughts. We will have words.Good words. We can quote things the rest of our friends won’t understand, it’ll be great.

I clearly need to get some Happy Ending gifs. Also, any gifs. I should get a gif folder.

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3. Talk about a movie, or an aspect of one that you think people don’t get or misunderstand

I’ve ranted about this before, but The Dark Knight Rises. On one hand, I think most of the criticism is totally legitimate because let’s be real, the movie is kind of a mess plot-wise, and some of the themes seem to contradict The Dark Knight. But I find the notion that Christopher Nolan has no sense of humor or fun completely absurd. Yeah, his movies are incredibly earnest, which is one of the things I like about him, but if you think he’s not in on the joke, you’re just not paying enough attention. Characters often point out how ridiculous Batman is (i.e. the blackmailing scene in TDK). There’s a frigging flying bat machine. So, long story short, while The Dark Knight Rises is flawed and there are a few things I wish they did differently (mostly, I still get occasionally irritated thinking about how they did the Batman-Catwoman romance), I find it a hugely enjoyable, comic book-y movie. I probably think about it similarly to how most people think about The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy.

4. Talk about a film you think is underrated.

It’s hard to come up with a film I think is actually underrated, as opposed to just under-appreciated, but I’ll go with something kind of random: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It’s so cheesy and honestly, I only vaguely remember the plot, but it has a carefree, roguish yet sincere tone that lots of blockbusters aim for but don’t achieve. I dug all the genre homages and the attempt to use entirely computer-generated sets and such is interesting, even if it doesn’t completely work.

16. What’s a movie you didn’t expect to like but ended up loving

Probably the biggest example of this is Contact. My dad chose to watch it and I didn’t want to because I’d never heard of it before and had no idea what it was about (so naturally, I assumed it would be bad). But it ended up not only being a fantastic movie (Jodie Foster 4eva), but it helped shape a lot of my worldview, especially in terms of spirituality. I have also never not cried watching it.

26. What do you think is the saddest show ever?

So tempted to say Arrow because I’m pretty sure no show has ever made me cry more than the second season of Arrow. But in terms of the actual show, I would probably go with Game of Thrones. Nothing good happens on that show.

Thanks! I love talking about movies and TV so much. <3

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That Woody is creepy. It sounds like you caught a lot of good panels, which is awesome. I’m also thinking about catching up on Arrow before the Flash because I’ve heard good things about it. Ugh to those guys mocking the Women who kick ass panel.

yeah, my brother watches Arrow and likes it and ive cuaght the first couple of episodes or so, plus John Barrowman is in it which is more motivation for me to watch. And yeah like i was so annoyed with those guys they were rude and disruptive the ENTIRE day, espeically so for the Women who kickass panel. Like they were just there for Marvel panel and complanied about everything else. But when the marvel panel did happen, my group tried to make ourselves as tall as possible to make it difficult for them to see (which might not been have effective since 2 of us are like 5 2)

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The #CancelColbert thing was definitely not mostly run by white people. It was mostly POC with a handful of white allies from what I saw. Personally, I thought it wasn't funny in or out of context, but even if you think the joke was fine, a lot of the reactions from defenders were really telling and ugly. Twitter was just super toxic today.

oh no i completely agree. that was me mostly reacting to my dash so i apologize on behalf of that. i didn’t have any particular problem with it in context but yeah out of context it’s incredibly racist and gross and in dire need of apology and explanation, regardless of whether colbert or comedy central posted it. i just think (in this one very very very rare instance because usually context doesn’t make this sort of bullshit any better) we should be looking at the whole picture here before we start demanding heads be separated from bodies, ya know? but ugh yeah gross ‘defenders’ who aren’t defending for the sake of context but for the sake of being able to say racist bullshit without anyone calling them on it can fuck right off and die

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