idk whenever people mention an Asian ethnicity doing something sexual it’s like. Why is their ethnicity relevant.
It’s like are you trying to invoke the image of the “sexually deviant Japanese girl”.
“Japanese” as an adjective implies that there is some way that Japanese people look specifically, and there isn’t.

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hey so I'm cishet so I try to base my opinions and practices on what actually oppressed people want and I've been using GSRM because I thought people liked that better because it includes identities that often get left out of LGTBQ* (intersex, etc.) and doesn't include allies? in your opinion should I not be doing that? I don't want to use a problematic term but I'm not really sure what would be best

no don’t use  it isn’t even problematic it just is wrong, like there is nothing wrong with the term GSM/GSRM w/e, like, public health research is SUPER IMPORTANT and GSM is used there because researchers need a term better than “this man is a swinger” but it doesn’t equal LGBT+ 

3 Photos from today’s yoga photography session, I being following Lauren on Instrgram and facebook for the past year, maybe even more, I always find her very inspiring yogi because she share who she is, not just the image of a “yoga teacher” but of a real person, with real day to day, ups and down, if you haven’t yet

And if you lucky to be in London, Tomorrow she is giving a workshop in Indaba Studio, there might be an empty space.. maybe :)

More photos to come.. :)

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ads are based off your internet browsing history

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would it not be google ads? like they’re determined by the viewer not the blog?

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lol they’re sketchy bc this anon has been looking at sketchy things

Ya got busted, anon.