Contact Fox to Tell them you Want More Red Band Society!!!

Hello Red Banders! I’ve done a little bit of digging to find some contact info for some people at Fox that we can contact to say that we want them to keep Red Band Society! The first thing you’ll want to do is sign the petition going around to keep RBS on air! This is really important as it’s being sent to Fox and Fox television and the more signatures the better! Get your friends and family to sign too even if they don’t watch the show, tell them how much the show means to you and ask them to sign!

The next thing we can do is click here. You can send emails to Fox and your local station as well as call and send letters to voice your personal story and opinion on what the show means to you or just write a short note about how much you enjoy the show and want it stay on air. If enough people contact them we can make a difference! So let’s band together to keep our show!