How to Deal: #shorthairproblems

With the temperature rising, short crops are in the purest sense, seasonally appropriate. Sounds like it’s going to be convenient right? Having that airy cool breeze on your neck and a 5-minute morning routine — where do I sign up?! However, short hair brings on an entirely different set of styling hurdles and product arsenal. So let’s cut down on time and maximize style. Objective: to make your hair life simpler with these easy to follow tips and trips. 

Fine Hair

For fine-hair crops, dry shampoo is your best friend — even if your hair is clean. I swear by Redken Powder Refresh for clients looking to breathe life into limp locks. Even when the hair is clean, dry shampoo provides tousled texture and excellent volume for short fine hair. Spray on hair and massage into the roots to create an easy sexy style. 

Coarse Hair

For those with coarse short hair, managing growth patterns and controlling stubborn bulk is always a constant battle in avoiding ‘helmet hair’. Thick hair needs a little more moisture and nourishment. Always apply a softening product to wet hair before styling. This will help to transform locks and make finishing a cinch. A couple drops (yep, just a couple) of Redken Diamond Oil will quench your hair’s thirst from the inside out, leaving locks touchably soft. Buh-bye brillo pad. Hello hair of your dreams. 

Curly Hair

Wispy, ringlet, curly short hair is so adorable, just google image search it. Achieving perfection though, is often a hair misery/mystery. But remember this: with all lengths of curly hair, less is more. Back off the comb and brush, curly hair will know what to do. Redken Wind Up reactivates curls and manages confused frizz. Short curly hair has a lot of personality. Sometimes it just needs a little encouragement. Simply spritz on and twist around your finger to give direction to the curl. Then comes the hardest part: walk away.