La Notte della Taranta - Martano 20/08/2014

"Illiria è il progetto del duo Maria Mazzotta (voce) e Redi Hasa (violoncello) che tracciano una mappa sonora con nuove traiettorie tra la musica tradizionale salentina e i ritmi e le lingue balcaniche. Insieme a loro sul palco ci sarà Rita Marcotulli (pianoforte), una delle più apprezzate jazziste europee che dona alle antiche melodie nuovi orizzonti."

Super Nice Music presents: Dave Redi - Friendly Skies [Download]

Super Nice Music Group is proud to present the warm up to our first full length release! Dave Redi, one third of the Front Porch Poets and member of Super Nice Music will be dropping his instrumental debut “Insomniac Music” on the newfound label October 28th. Until then we have some goodies lined up to keep you warm, like this one right here. Friendly Skies is a cut that’s not on the album but serves as nice little taster of what’s to come. With a well known Marvin sample and drums smooth as butter this track represents Dave and partially the kind of moods that can be found on “Insomniac Music”. Stay tuned for more to come!!