September 21

Fun things that have happened to me:

I received an electric bill that’s 5x the amount it has ever been, confirming my suspicions that my roommate (who is moving out in 10 days) has been using her room (which she installed an illegal lock on 2 months ago, right about the time the bill started multiplying) as a space to either grow or cook drugs. 

The expensive Balenciaga bag I had redyed was not dyed properly. How do I know this? Because there is red dye that cannot be removed on at least 7 items of my favorite clothing. 

I realized that I’m going to have to explain to my boss a. that I’m not comfortable with her taking credit for my writing b. that she has no idea what she’s doing when she talks about creating a website and writing a book c. that I know that what she means by “let’s create a website and write a book” is “you create a website, create all web content, write my book, and then I’ll take credit for it” d. that I need a raise

I broke out for the first time in a month

Weed would be nice, but as my wallet was stolen weeks ago, I cannot get any. The DMV doesn’t have appointments until October. 

If you have read this far:

Do not give me advice. I KNOW. 

seaairra said:

Hi, I was just wondering how you got your hair that colour, and how much it costed?

This is gonna be kinda long but ok here we go:

For the hair dye (6 bottles (2 clear 4 violet)): $40 

Bleaching: $30

2nd Bleaching (I had dye in before so double bleaching): $30

Dye: $50

Cut: $30

Tip: $20

Total: $200 

She “lifted” my hair of the previous self-dye job I did and then had to “lift” it of my natural dark brown hair color. She then used one and a half bottle of the dye and half of a clear bottle and mixed it together. She then applied it starting at the roots and going down. She then washed the color out with shampoo/conditioner and blow dried. Two months later, my dad redyed it using another bottle of purple and half of clear. Then we dyed it again a month later and I just redyed it last week. I didn’t have to bleach my hair for the redyes, but the dye does tend to get on surfaces (ie clothes, walls, hands) and I believe that that happens because the dyed hair was never put under heat. But yeah that’s how I have this hair c:

Ew gross but finally got my hair redyed so here’s a selfie (yes I upped the contrast a tiny bit bc I wish I was paler shh) XD
Starting work next week as well as seeing a psych doctor and I’m fucking terrified of both so wish me luck please <3