okay so here’s what actually happened:

terezi was a really great GM, they all had tons of fun! even karkat, though he struggled to admit it. 
they fought many adventures together.
rose and kanaya spent significant extra time fleshing out their characters’ backstories, while naked.
(sultry fiction was written.)


click to fullview ”its 2014 holy shit stop drawing homestuck”

spider ghoul disguised as human was childhood friends with tz but betrayed her trust later and ate terezis eyes so hses blind now but she developed an extraordinary sense of smell and advanced in ccg ranks for her ability to detect ghouls and has a personal vendetta against spider ghoul

ps third image is the exact fullsize of the drawing………. im tryng to get used to huge canvases lol

The saddest part was that this was arguably best PXS, up until that last page. The characterization was spot on, the dialogue was tight, and the jokes were hilarious. And then he threw it all away to make a shallow jibe about the difficulty of getting a decent tabletop RP group together. I don’t want to read about that, man. I already know that it’s impossible to get a group together. I wanna read about the good stuff

I wanna read about Rose learning to the hard way that one should not attempt to pull mindgames on one’s GM. I wanna read about Dave the rapping fighter that finds out he can take class levels in bard, and fuck you if there’s no synergy there. I wanna read about what abilities a half-undead half-uneaten crab sandwich has. I wanna read about Kanaya taking forever to take her turn and everyone is groaning as she consults her 4th rule book but then she finds EXACTLY what she was looking for and saves everyone’s butts and then she doesn’t technically gloat about it, but it certainly feels like she is. I wanna read about the mayor giving sage advice that everyone somehow understands except Kanaya. I wanna read about Terezi CACKLING MANIACALLY, for goodness sakes. Not this ‘being slightly overbearing makes you a bad GM’ nonsense.


*’Rolling in the Deep’ plays in the distance*

I wonder of the pspace writer was expecting everyone to be this fucking sad about how the comic ended.  I wasn’t expecting to have “people don’t like spending time with Terezi” be a punchline twice in such a short period of time, but.


It really is staggering.


I mean, I get the joke, sure.


But just look at this.

Everyone at the table got up and walked out on her.  I can’t imagine she would be such a stickler for rules if she hadn’t put a lot of work into this campaign, but as far as speculation goes, there’s no reason to be too generous with Terezi here.  Everyone stands up and leaves in an implicit judgement of her hobbies, and her, and a direct condemnation of the effort she bothered to put into this game— but then Karkat turns around later on and is like “but why didn’t you just talk to me?  You know I care about how you feel!!” 

Paradox space may be dubious canon, but you can’t just ignore the context that surrounds it.  Terezi is being trampled both physically and emotionally.  A lonely, isolated character who is going through severe bouts of self-doubt and self-hatred, and the punchline to this comic is “ha ha, no one wants to be around THAT mess!”  Whether or not it was meant to be interpreted that way, that’s the clear message:  Our last shot is of a despondent Terezi sitting alone with a flabbergasted look on her face as, I emphasize, absolutely everyone leaves without even addressing her.  And shut the light off while she’s in there.

It would be like having a comic where Rose throws up over the front of her dress and passes out with a bottle of alchemized liquor in her hand, and then the other characters can be like, “god, what a downer!  This sure is a waste of time!”  Or maybe one where Jake English is repeatedly touched without his consent while everyone talks about how attractive he is, and then laugh as he gets increasingly uncomfortable and he starts crying. 

Homestuck may be irreverent and morbid, but some shit isn’t funny.

Reason #735 why Scourge Sisters is gr8:

Vriska would have totally played Terezi’s not-D&D campaign even if everyone else left “8ecause everyone knoooooooows dragons have the 8est loot, so forget those 8oring losers! Lets get this show on the fucking road!!!!!!!! *rolls to spot traps*”

And because Vriska knows how hard Terezi worked on plotting and designing the whole adventure so she’s gonna make damn sure Terezi gets to run it. Even if Vrska has to solo every encounter by herself.

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Today we meet Terzen Pyrope, formally.

Also introducing Ochreverse as AC