Abandoned Torpedo Lookout Tower in the Baltic Sea to Become a Research Station and Modern Water Sports Facility.

Located in Puck Bay, Poland, the watchtower has been abandoned since World War II. Developers hope to enclose it in docks, add an additional level, outfit an eight-bed dormitory and lounge, and add a patio. It will be powered by sustainable energy and have rainfall-collection cisterns to support a small garden.

Plans are to open it in 2016. Torpedo-watching is optional…

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Badel Block  |  O.C.A - Office for Contingent Architecture
- Gonzalo del Val, Gonzalo Gutierrez, Valentín Sanz, Toni Gelabert, Sergio del Castillo & Alejandro Londoño

Contingent, neither impossible nor necessary; i.e., both possible and non-necessary.  “World is neither predictable nor causal anymore as religions or philosophy or science tried to convey through history. World is only probable, it is getting more and more statistically quantifiable.” Uncertain environments in which architecture acts require contingent responses. Contingency determines the potential of architecture. It loads architecture with dormant ways-of-being whose appearance cannot be determined a priori. Contingency forces us to approach the project with the desire of uncovering the systems (structures and dynamics) that give us the possibility of being-different. Contingency is the framework for chance.

Architecture should be able to deploy contingent structures capable of hosting chance and even encourage it. We propose a place as an open field which forces users acting and deciding as it deploys as an unstable system capable of promoting that chance; a system capable of promoting conditioned changes in its structure (gravitational, programmatic or expressive). Objects are inserted in place to keep it in a permanent state of excitement, they become reactive in the presence of other agents in the context. This is the task we assume: creating links and letting new realities emerge through the establishment of these connections. We must allow the blanks to be filled by links between objects instead of filling them with the objects themselves.

The OCA (Office for Contingent Architecture) is responsible for the construction of ductile and temporary communities that keep their environment in a constant state of imbalance. Every precise order that is generated through the OCA is a final order; and it is an order only referred to itself.

Located around half a mile from the tip of lower manhattan, govenors island – originally the ‘island of nuts’ – used to be a military base. Neal Adams, illustrator of the Batman comics, was born on the island. The island is set to be redeveloped and will soon become a public park – personally, I think it would make a great farm, generating food for New Yorkers and educating city kids on farming and conservation. What does everyone else think??

Watch a parking lot attached to a suburban Seattle mall transform into “Six acres .. of a walkable community, complete with a new park that’s helping restore a creek for local salmon.”

In the Seattle-Puget Sound area, we’ll have about 1.7 million more people coming into our community by 2040. That’s essentially almost three Seattles that have to be accommodated in our metropolitan area.” Since Washington has laws on the books limiting sprawl—protecting farmland, forests, and other open spaces around cities from development—places like Northgate - the adjacent mall whose parking lot has been reclaimed - are the perfect place to squeeze in the coming hordes.

Grosvenor, Derwent to redevelop London office site

LONDON Oct 12 (Reuters) - Property developers Grosvenor and Derwent London are jointly converting an office building in London’s Belgravia district into a mixed-use scheme, comprising luxury hotel, commercial and residential elements.The 168,000 square feet building at 1-5 Grosvenor Place, next to London’s Hyde Park Corner, consists mainly of offices and has the potential to be made taller, the two companies said in a statement on Wednesday.Grosvenor and Derwent are looking to jointly spend 175-200 million pounds ($273-$312 million) on the project, a source familiar with the project told Reuters.The commercial aspect of a mixed use development could be either offices or retail, or both, a spokesperson for Grosvenor said of the project.The building, which sits on a more than 1.5 acre large site, is held under long leases by Derwent, with the freehold held by Grosvenor. Subject to planning consent, the redevelopment could start in 2014, the two companies said.Derwent London will continue its asset management role at the site with Grosvenor acting as development manager.

Nevele Grande Skating Rink | Town of Wawarsing, Ellenville, New York

After falling into disrepair, in May 2012, Nevele Investors LLC announced that the Nevele Grande Hotel would undergo a $500 million redevelopment to turn it into a resort and casino, subject to approval of state legislation to allow casino gaming. The 1966 tower and entrance lobby, ice skating rink, and golf course would be retained in the new complex. - Via: 1 | 2