I’ve been thinking about redesigning this character for a while now so I decided to just get it out of the way here and now ;v;”

This is Ribbon, a sort of personal character that I’ve kinda kept hidden away (Even though I uploaded her on my FA, wut) and just kept to myself for a while and shared among a few friends. She’s my dancing warrior cat ahah ;v;

The top illustrations are basically her new outfit with and without the light armor she wears and the bottom one is her old design asitobviouslystates.

;w; I’m honestly very pleased with the results too! I really enjoy the newer outfit so much, and I’m glad I kinda got it out of my head now OTL


Last month we shared an awesome design concept for ultra-modern science and technology-themed US banknotes. Today we’re feasting our eyes on another sensation design for updated currency. Budapest-based illustrator and graphic designer Barbara Bernát created a wonderful design concept for Hungarian Paper Money featuring beautiful copperplate etchings of native European animals on one side and related species of plants on the other. The project was created for Bernát’s MA degree project at the University of West Hungary.

"I used the original proportions of the existing euro banknote for my design, as the denomination increases, the size of each banknote is growing. The animals also represent the growth of value. I designed and prepared five denominations of ten etchings, all etched in separate copperplates. This subtle and refined form of reproduction enabled me to imitate the original technique used during the production of banknotes, intaglio printing. My goal was to create a complete series with clear design, that transcends the tradition of banknote making."

Our favorite detail is a secturiy feature that can’t be seen by the naked eye. When the bills are viewed under UV light the animals’ skeletons are revealed.

Visit Bernát’s Hungarian Paper Money project page for additional images and information.

To check out more of her creations head over to Barbara Bernát’s Behance portfolio or follow her here on Tumblr at barbesz.

Photos by Richárd Kelemen.

[via Design Taxi]


Was looking back through some of my old superhero redesigns this morning. Thought it’d be neat to post them all in one place.

Cosplayers? You’re the best. I love you and what you do. I’d also LOVE to see some of you tackle any of these designs. Let me know if you do! I’ll send you a drawing. Or high five you, or something.

Happy Monday, y’all.