i dont really think danny phantom needs a reboot or anything but i do think it would be sorta neat if danny phantom got an anime remake that is just ridiculously over the top like powerpuff girls z or something and everybody got Cool New Anime Outfits


Was looking back through some of my old superhero redesigns this morning. Thought it’d be neat to post them all in one place.

Cosplayers? You’re the best. I love you and what you do. I’d also LOVE to see some of you tackle any of these designs. Let me know if you do! I’ll send you a drawing. Or high five you, or something.

Happy Monday, y’all.


This’ll be my final Teen Titans Redesign masterpost so y’all can look at them all at once (click to sorta enlarge)

Robin, the unrelatable mercenary; distant and calculating, he takes after his mentor. Can control a “murmuration” of intelligent dronerangs, each with unique functions depending on the situation. Can lead the Titans, but has a hard time holding them together outside of combat.

Starfire, the cosmic viking; compassionate but fierce, trained to be both an effective strategist as well as a ruthless warrior. Both enamored and shocked at human nature.

Raven, the contemplative witch. Physically exists in one dimension but is mentally occupied with several; she has difficulty differentiating between future, present, past, corporeal and ethereal entities. Capable of wielding terrible power when fully lucid.

Beast Boy, the happy accident. After a nearly fatal bout with the Sakutia virus, he still lives with the after effects of the genetic reconfiguration disease. He can never guarantee the form he takes will be complete; the animal may have too many arms, too few, or even parts from different animals. Warm, annoyingly optimistic, and a bit of a loose cannon, he is best friends with Cyborg.

Cyborg, the cohesive member. Unstoppable in combat but also brilliant; using his unparalleled comprehension of mechanics and nanotechnology, he designed every aspect of his body, which can adapt to most circumstances. Understand humans a well as he understands machine, keeping the Titans together when tension grows between other members.