in the last photos i was going to move Wiggins but i was like nah 

ha ha what cosplay making me happy again? what? SLANDER! BLASPHEMY! LUDICROUS, I EXCLAIM! 

Lewis noted that he had just been to the current production of Les Misérables, where black actor Kyle Scatliffe plays the role of Enjolras, a nontraditional casting choice that Lewis found moving. “A tall, six-foot-two, strapping black man is playing this role that I have never seen a black man play before, and it made me tear up,” said Lewis. “And when he said the words ‘we will not be slaves again,’ without saying it, it just had a double meaning to it.” He hopes, then, that casting directors will be more open to seeing black actors for period productions in the future. “If they have the talent, let them come in and audition,” said Lewis. “Maybe you might see something that you didn’t see before.”

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Honestly if Brett wasn't so hot I don't think Ward would have any fans and it makes sick that because he's hot people want him to be redemmed (I know way too many characters that are pieces of crap but are loved by fans because they're hot; Peter Hale, Malcolm Merlyn, just to name a few

I, unfortunately, have to agree with you.

If Ward was played by some crusty old schnozz Stand With Ward would not even be a thing.
But too many people, it seems, do not think with their brains and they decide that anybody who is attractive cannot be a villain or an asshole, regardless of what actual facts tell them.