Hey guys~! 

So this is my first of many “Shipping Shirts

And I have decided to start with Frobin!

Send me a message of what you guys think or if you even wanted to leave a comment you can go to my Red Bubble store here: (X)

My newsies crew neck that I got from…you guessed it! Redbubble.com! I actually have had it for a while but just now realized I’ve never shown you guys?? So here it is!

As promised, the DA:I sticker set is finally available at RedBubble! And these are possible to get as mugs, since people were asking after those as well.

I’ve made all the companions, as well the advisers, from Inquisition and stylely the set looks like this:

In a nutshell:

Available here (RedBubble)

You can see the whole set here (Tumblr)

Thank you all for your support and interest towards this project! ♥



I’ve been working all week on a 1D-related collection of graphic designs that I feel confident enough in to sell on my Redbubble shop. I’m not gonna beat around the bush - I’m in total debt. Like, negative-balance-in-my-bank-account kind of debt. And I’m in between jobs at the moment. I’m a freelance photographer, but business has been slow. And I’m still waiting to hear back from another job I interviewed for recently. So, I’m in that anxious limbo of what the fuck am I doing with my life.  

The only thing keeping me sane lately is One Direction. I posted 9 different designs; all are available on iPhone/Samsung Galaxy/iPad/laptop cases & skins, various types of t-shirts, mugs, stickers, pillows, tote bags, and posters or prints of any kind. A few of the designs alternate in colors as well. I’m not gonna beg people to buy anything, but I can’t express how much it would seriously help me out if you all could take a look and pass the link around to anyone you know who’d be interested. Or just simply reblogging this would be wonderful. Thank you!

P.S. Suggestions, ideas, or requests for more designs are 100% WELCOME, so drop by my ask if you have any!