HORNS UP!!!!!!
Bull’s Chargers is the mercenary company lead by The Iron Bull!
This is a little tribute to my favourite character on DA: Inquisition!

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MAKE ART NOT BARF!!! by Cali Vasaturo, aka Art Against Society.

I have decided to open up my Redbubble shop to the public.  You can buy this design on a TON of awesome products - tshirts, tote bags, mugs, stickers, soooo much stuff! 

Check it out on the Art Against Society RedBubble Store.

I’ve posted more of my illustrations on the store as well, so later today I’ll post a compilation of some of the new gear available! 

As promised, the DA:I sticker set is finally available at RedBubble! And these are possible to get as mugs, since people were asking after those as well.

I’ve made all the companions, as well the advisers, from Inquisition and stylely the set looks like this:

In a nutshell:

Available here (RedBubble)

You can see the whole set here (Tumblr)

Thank you all for your support and interest towards this project! ♥