redbrokenheart said:

Are Lea Michsim and Cory Monsim dating? I'm pretty sure Dianna Simgron will agree with me: "Beards". Don't you?

Dianna Simgron: You know who has a beard? Charlie. You’re all little Charlies. Send me the following:

  • A picture of you wearing a beard and tell me how that beard makes you feel. 
  • 8 pictures of animals wearing beards. 
  • 2 boxes of chocolates. 
  • A lock of your hair.


redbrokenheart said:

Dianna Simgron, Were you high, drunk or anesthetized during the SIMGLAAD awards? Bitch, what was that...! lol

Dianna Simgron: Love is love. Even if it’s with a Charlie. My knowledge on Charlie is through the roof. You all know this. In fact, my neighbor is Charlie. Magick. X

redbrokenheart said:

Finn, Did you can control yourself when you saw Spice Girls's show in the closure of olympics game? xoxo

Finn: I don’t know what you’re talking about…

Kurt: He screamed higher than me when they came on.


redbrokenheart said:

Blaine favoritism, it's why this "shit" is going down. Sometimes I think why the don't kill all the other characters, with an excuse like Hurricane Sandy, and let only Blaine survive and then he'll build an ark as Noah did but, in his case, he only would save males animals and so start a Brand New Gay World. (I think it's the secret wish of Ryan Murphy...) oh, shit...


redbrokenheart said:

Boss, do you remember when Kurt just to be different guys used to throw in trash cans, now I think, where is the hate over "Unique"? and also, two girls can't kiss in the school hallways because of the religious reasons but a boy can walk around dressed as and acting like a girl? o.O

I’m not sure what’s going on with Unique as I don’t watch, but I do know that every season of Glee is a different show.

redbrokenheart said:

Boss, have you watched the performance of The Glee Project "Party Rock Anthem"? If you have watched I just would like to ask: Don't you think that glee writers and producers are such dissemblers sons of bitch? I mean, to us have a Brittana kiss, as a couple, was a fight and now they embrace it in that mediocre random way? Thanks!

I don’t and probably never will watch The Glee Project. 

redbrokenheart said:

Boss, Have you listened "The Graduation Album"? If yes, what is your opinion? I'm asking it 'cause maybe I have a problem because I'm the only person who is thinking that is really boring to a end of a era like this graduation means? Thank you for always aswer me. You're so kind.

I’ll do a little “read more” review in a minute. :)

redbrokenheart said:

Boss, some people I know say that straight people can't play gay convincing and people who says are straight but play gay characters in fact are hidden bisexuals. Do you agree with it? Do you think that the interaction between the actors only can be cool and well done if they are gays or play to the both sides? I'm glad you're back! XOXO

I don’t believe that at all. Just take a look at The L Word as an example. The majority of those ladies are straight and were very convincing in the role they played.

It all comes down to the acting and how comfortable the actor is playing the character. I think that would go for any material for a television show despite the character’s and actor’s sexuality.