buttkickingbatgirl said:

Lived long enough to become the villain

"It’s such a s h a m e.”

His voice was soft, a sort of mockery of the kind, gentle voice that Barbera once knew. Blue eyes were like steel, glittering with amusement at her plight.

He approached slowly, dramatically, feet never touching the floor. 

He s m i l e d. Eyes glowed redand it was like looking into the face of the Devil. 

I sort of l i k e d you, but you just can’t be q u i e t, can you?”

His eyes were like blood. Glowing and burning and death.


Jangan sakit ya puppy nakal…
Ntar lg uchie pulang…
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Fire trucks

V: want to know why fire trucks are red? G: no V: Fire truck are red because they have four wheels, and eight people ride on a firetruck 4+8=12 There are 12 inches on a ruler Queen Elisabeth was a ruler They also named a ship after Queen Elisabeth The ship sailed the seas The sea has fish fish have fins people from Finland are called fins Finland and Russia fought 3 months after the beginning of WWII Russians are redand firetrucks are always “russian” around G: no more Internet for you