Sooo… apparently my fandom is intersecting with my work…
read below the line

I was at work yesterday and it was a hard day, because I got about 3 dates with costumers. The first one was a guy who wanted some fancy nudes for his girlfriend for christmas.
Nothing special for me. So we started and made some nice photos and when we came to a christmas theme he started “hey! I got even red pants! This would fit for christmas!” and I was like… okay.

And then he showed me his pants and I stood there what feeled like half an hour (it only was some seconds) and was shocked because it was THIS KIND OF RED PANTS!
And I took so many photos of this just because of the red pants and I even got slightly wiggly.
I AM A PROFESSIONAL FOR GOD SAKE! I don’t act like this… but… apparently… this fandom made me horny for red pants. Thanks fandom…

happy red pants monday…

My second entry for the “Let’s Draw Sherlock” Culture Swap: Sherlock and John have made the cover of one of Germany’s most notorious newspapers, “Bildzeitung” (comparable to the “Daily Fail Mail”).

The headlines and story read in translation:

Like a fairytale: trail of bread leads to the murderer

Superdetective Sherlock strikes again!

In a coup worthy of “Tatort” [long-running German crime series] superbrain Sherlock Holmes proves once again that he’s miles ahead of criminals and police alike: with his lightning-fast deductions and chemical expertise, yesterday he convicted wanted mass-murderer Müller. The decisive clue: bread. Like in the fairytale “Hänsel and Gretel”, the detective followed the trail of bread to the criminal. Similarly fairytale-like Holmes’ private life appears to be about which he maintains rigorous silence. Yet according to rumours he has already found the prince of his dreams in the shape of flatmate and assistant Dr. Watson. And they lived happily ever after …

Top left is a headline about a dog (Rauhaardackel, “sausage dog”) inheriting a fortune; bottom left is an ad for Schiesser underwear as they’re Germany’s largest manufacturer of that kind of stuff. And since it’s the Monday edition … ;)

As for the bread, that’s another typical German thing. We have over 300 different types of bread and there are discussions of making it a cultural heritage. Also, whenever you ask Germans staying abroad about what they miss most, many will tell you “proper” bread.

Man, I had fun with this one :D


Ok folks, I had to. With BBC’s new season of Sherlock out, I couldn’t leave Sherlock alone among my ring designs so I went ahead and made a John. More precisely, I made a couple of different John Watson designs! I’m offering both the cable jumper (sweater for us Americans) as well as John in his striped shirt. You can get them in my etsy shop!



Yes, I simply HAD to. I made a John Watson in red undies in honor of the amazing meme started by reapersun. I’m making this a SUPER limited edition so I’m only producing 20 of them. After that, the design goes back into my vault. 

Now, I also want you guys to have fun so here’s the deal, this is also a contest! YUP. You read right. You can WIN John in his red pants in your personal ring size! Here’s the rules:

  • Reblog this post. 
  • Likes count as an entry but only count if you also reblog.
  • Contest runs till Feb 3rd…cause it’s a Monday. XD
  • Yup, that’s it.

I don’t need you to follow me in order to win. Frankly, if you’re just following to win a contest, you’ll be frustrated with seeing my posts on your dash and I’ll be sad if you leave after the contest is over. So follow if you like but it’s not necessary. 

OH, AND ONE MORE THING. If this post reaches 100 notes, then I’ll also throw in a one of a kind, not gonna be in my store, all yours and no one else’s SHERLOCK IN HIS SHEET AND UNDIES RING.