Amazing song

  • Red Dragon:Hannibal Lecter is bored and a little inconvenienced to be locked up, but he's sending letters to everyone he knows so it's cool.
  • Silence of the Lambs:Hannibal Lecter is a dangerous, manipulative, monster you shouldn't even look in the eyes or he could escape. At least he has manners.
  • Hannibal:Hannibal Lecter can't handle having a crush or emotions of any kind.
This is another one that came to me. I didn’t pursue this– I wasn’t that familiar with the book but I’ve read it since and it’s an extraordinary piece of writing. He’s a very dark, complicated serial killer, what can I say? I’m finding myself immersed in it, and it’s dark.
—  Richard Armitage on Hannibal and his character (x)