To celebrate 2 years of “Red”, I spent the day making this.  ”State of Grace” is one of my favorite songs off of Red, and I wanted to honor the lyric “We learn to live with the pain, mosaic broken hearts” in the best way I knew how.  With that said, I decided to make this a “mosaic-not-so-broken-heart” cake, because we’re in the 1989 era where we begin to shake off the hurt and “take our broken hearts, put them in a drawer.” 

I hope you like this taylorswift , and I just wanted to thank you for a beautiful album.  And I’m so excited for “1989”.

2 years ago today, Taylor released a 16-track album about her life’s biggest heartbreak and losing her belief in love.

Today, she released the track list to the 13-track album about herself, her happiness, and her love for herself and the world, and her independence.