97% of climate scientists agree on climate change. The icecaps are melting. Right now, heatwaves and wildfires are scorching the American West. After spring tornadoes, an active 2013 hurricane season is predicted by the NOAA. Long-term, it gets worse. Rising seas will swamp Miami and the Florida Keys in the next century. What to do? Absolutely fucking nothing, says the GOP. Most Republicans, it seems, have signed a pledge to put the interests of the unstoppable pollution machine known as Koch Industries ahead of the American people and the planet we all must share.

Simply put, if the choice is between recycle or die, the Koch Brothers and the GOP choose die.

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Final push to finish the project. Luckily our research was thorough so we don’t have much to add. The project is nearly done. A little more work tonight and it’ll be looking good. Hopefully this goes well. Anyways, the project will continue. There may be a slight hiatus due to the influx of schoolwork to take the place of us working on the project, but I’ll come back to it in a couple weeks time at the most. I will not give up on recycling that easily, and neither should anyone.

-Derek out


Well I checked for the ASB teacher and she was nowhere to be seen. The AP Environmental Science teacher didn’t respond. But my partner did meet and talk with the principal, which went exceedingly well. He gave him advice on what step to take next for the project to be a success. The Dean of Students and I couldn’t make our meeting though. It’s a shame these all never took place. It’s alright, the project may be about done, but the program isn’t. I will not rest until we have comprehensive recycling in Los Alamitos.

-Derek out


We sent out emails to the ASB teacher, Dean of Students, and Principal today. We’re expecting to hit them hard before the project is due. Get the last of the emails out and meetings done with before we put it all together. The results of the survey were surprisingly in the favor of recycling… who knew? 

-Derek out


Our survey is sitting out on the internet, soaking up the students’ data. It should be completed by everyone tomorrow. We emailed our AP Environmental Science teacher in order to talk to him about implementing volunteer hours/extra credit for helping with the recycling program. We need to find a way to sort through the trash and recycle to make sure everything’s correctly thrown away.

-Derek out