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Nantes, France-based artist Anna Foucher uses pieces of driftwood that she collects during walks to create delightfully derpy superheroes, villains and a variety of other colorful characters.

“I create characters from driftwood picked up at the water’s edge during my walks and trips… More than just a pieceof tree, driftwood, this lost wood, worn by water is the result of nature and has a story to tell… It is this story I revealed in sculpture and painting. Inspired by the comics, I made a cheerful style, humorous and poetic. A second life for colorful driftwood!”

Visit Anna Foucher’s website to check out more of her pop culture-inspired driftwood sculptures.

[via Neatorama and Recyclart]


Pink lawn flamingos, garden gnomes, and zombie satues are awesome, but they can get lonely if no one new turns up for a while (and those zombies tend to be a little abrasive sometimes). But there are plenty of awesome new decorative yard friends waiting to be made thanks to Hansville, WA-based artist Kate Higgins. There could be dragons in your garden!

Higgns upcycles old lawn flamingos, using weather resistant paints, papier-mâché, aluminum foil, recycled plastic and acrylic bits and pieces, as well as “lots of coffee and imagination” to transform them into dazzling fantasy creatures collectively known as Flamingo Incognito. From dragons and sea serpents to mermaids, dinosaurs, and camouflaged jungle creatures, each Flamingo Incognito is entirely handmade to order and finished with a protective UV coating to help it withstand the elements.

Visit the Higgins’ Flamingo Incognito Etsy shop to check out many more of her fantastic garden creatures.

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This last week has been very busy. My partner John (who has been helping me with my Tree Change Dolls on social media) is super busy at work, so I’ve been trying to stay on top of the emails, messages, FB and so on by myself. Apologies for those I have not had time to respond to.

Meanwhile I have prepared this little group of Tree Change Dolls for a special project I am currently working on - these ones will not be for sale for quite some time, if at all). I especially love the tiny little black-haired dolly, while my daughter loves the little one in the multi-coloured playsuit.

Well, I better go and tidy the house for the TV crew arriving in the morning!