Seeking a volunteer to read this comic

To extend our content, we’d like to set up a cyclical reblog of the ‘seasonal’ comics, such as Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentines day, and other annual holidays. To that end, we need someone to actually go through the entire archive of comics and make a list of the links to the seasonal comics. If you’re interested in volunteering to do this long and boring incredibly fun task, please apply at the inbox. We’d like to get two or three people if possible so we have some redundancy in the system.


Represent the Federation in Starfleet Academy!

Another partnership with Quantum Mechanix, Inc., the Starfleet Academy Enlistment Campaign poster series was set in motion just after the 2009 Star Trek film debuted in theaters and inspired a whole new generation of fans to don their dress uniforms and descend into Geekdom with the rest of us. 

The four core tenants of Starfleet were represented by each illustration and meant to inspire recruits to sign up and serve the Federation.  While the series has not been produced, it was a rewarding experience to get to illustrate and design these WPA-style recruitment posters.


Throwing down the bait here…….. these are just 98% of the shoujo mags I’ve bought from January 2015 til now (end of april 2015)..some are being kept in drawers…

Last year’s are already packed into boxes… To reinforce the message, i have loads that i want to scanlate but reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally lacking people to do it… Moar moar moar we need moaaaaaaaaar capable people that actually helps.

What happened when i run of space? I typically keep them for 2 years before throwing them out. YES! I THROW THEM OUT. Is that making you cry inside???? Then come help rescue them by joining us to scanlate so we can immortalise them digitally!

At this point, i dont have time to train, you’ve seen our releases, (i hope) so, if you think you can produce the quality we have in typeset and editing, please apply. If you are a mad decent redrawer (colour and b&w) i need you too. I also need very very very meticulous quality checkers. If your record is like 0.0001% error in QC, i want you!

Then, japanese to english translators… Look at all the mangas… You want to translate them riiiiiiiiight? I take all of you guys….. alllllllllll…. Just make sure your japanese understanding is great and your knowledge of japanese culture, both current and past is good. Thats really essential to have an enjoyable and accurate translation.

After all that, i only need one proofreader right now. Please make sure that your English is EXCELLENT in terms of grammar, vocab and comphrehension. Dont make someone like me thats bad in English notice your bad English…

Finally, visit us below to apply….

Recruitment Link

If you have trouble applying,(the form on website can act up) please drop me a message here!



LOOKING FOR: 3-4 minutes of electronic music suitable for TOPDECK PRODUCTIONS’ short film about Leslie and Charlie, two children who get in way over their heads over a children’s card game.  (Poppy chase music?  Dark, dangerous, and deadly boss themes?)

ABLE TO PROVIDE: Fair pay ($$$$) and communication!  A fun co-ordinated working experience for cinematic music design!



- Able to communicate and respond quickly via skype and email

- Able to use dropbox to view the film and share work-in-progresses!

EMAIL FRITZIER (AT) OUTLOOK.COM WITH YOUR MUSIC PORTFOLIO AND SKYPE CONTACT INFORMATION!  An email will be sent back with a link to the film and more information! 

       Looking for artists for a game

Hi guys!!!

Our friend Rann is doing an RPGmaker game called BoPeep and she’s looking for artists who would want to collaborate in her game! This game will be programmed by Draxicor, programmer of both Pocket Mirror and Kago to Torii. I will also be helping in this game’s art in the most violent scenes.

Here’s the premise of her story!

Once Upon a Time there was a Sheep. She lived with her grandmother deep in the woods, and the two were so very happy. But one day the grandmother fell gravely ill. And with no one around to help them but herself, the young sheep ventured out into the woods…And thus begins our story about a Lost Sheep, the Woods, and a Wolf.                                                        -
Bo-Peep is an upcoming adventure/horror RPG Maker VX Ace game currently being developed. All characters will be kemonomimis, and it will contain references to a variety of fables, fairy-tales, and nursery rhymes. Though considered rather light-hearted, Bo-Peep will feature some dark elements. 

The game will feature:·

  • Voice Acting
  • 4+ Endings
  • Choices that affect the difficulty and length of the game
  • Bonus Content
  • References to Little Red Riding Hood, Bo-Peep, amongst other stories. 

If you’re interested in this project please contact the following email:

Attention all Everlark Authors and Artists!

I have created a group for all you Everlark authors and artists out there who want to join to have a private chat room here on tumblr to throw ideas around and/or get feedback, and have the page itself to use for posting/reblogging our fic recs to, and asking “the public” (hehe sorry. Couldn’t resist.) for input on plot lines dancing around our heads.

So far we have these Writers & Artists. (We have several more, but they have not given me information to add to the members page yet. Scrolling to the bottom of the page will show you all the members.)

The page is called everlarkianarchives.

This is the main page for all the members to reblog and/or post anything and everything related to Everlark writing and art.

We have a separate, password protected chat room here as well, and that is where all the real magic happens. (Nothing can be reblogged from that page, making it entirely a safe zone for all ideas, rants, and whatever else comes up there.)

Challenges, debates, dicussions, ideas…. And really, it’s just an all around safe place for anyone to come and talk about your day, about your writing, an idea you have but are afraid to share.

We really are a support group/coffee shop. Now if only we could find some cheesebuns…..

So. If you are an Everlark writer or artist and want to join, Fill out this form! All it is is your tumblr username (so I know who you are) and your email, so I can send you an invitation. After you accept it, message me here on tumblr I will email you an invitation to the chat room (basically a private blog) here on tumblr and PM you the password. (No one will see your email. It is only for the invitations.)

So please, share, join, whatever!

And, remember, just to be clear, when you fill out the form, no one else will see your email. I just need it to send an invitation.

PH is turning out like Pi… It’s never ending!!!

Just kidding. Happy Pi Day, guys. :D What fitting irony, though. Enjoy the new-ish(?) chapter of Pandora Hearts!!

As usual, links to DL and read online can be found on our website. :)

P.S. We also really need a new scanner (person, not the machine haha), as our current volume scanner has been extremely busy for the past year or so… >.< Please let us know if you’ve got a scanner and are willing to volunteer!

Jupiter Ascending Writers Need You!

To clear up a potential misconception straight out of the gate, I am not referring to Andy and Lana Wachowski with that heading. Instead, I am referring to the wonderful fic writers operating in the Jupiter Ascending fandom; I’ve heard that various people have struggled to find beta readers for their stories, and I’d like to try and resolve that problem. While we’re a small fandom we’re dedicated and growing day-by-day - let’s help each other out!

If you’re not familiar with what a beta reader is, it’s basically someone who reads a fic before it’s published, generally checking for spelling and grammar errors and giving the author more general feedback if it’s requested, It’s rather fun and is great if you want to see stories/chapters before anyone else gets to read them. It’s also fantastic for building up friendships in some cases - one of my best friends started out as my beta reader!

If you would like to become a Jupiter Ascending beta reader, drop a message in my ask box or reply to this post. If you would prefer to edit a particular kind of fic (i.e. Jupiter/Caine, Jupiter/Balem, Abrasax-centred, Aegis-centred, etc.), do say so I can make that clear. The plan is to create a post listing all of the beta readers accepting messages from authors. I will then add a link to the list on my homepage so it’s easy to find. If you change your mind about being a beta reader at any point, I will remove you from the list.

Even if you’re not free to help out, any signal boosts are appreciated!

So, who’s in?