Kixeye Recruiting VFX Artist

Kixeye Recruiting VFX Artist

Kixeye Recruiting VFX Artist

VFX Artist

KIXEYE seeks a Visual Effects Artist to join our quest to create outstanding gaming experiences. Bring your strength to our cause, inspire awe in those around you, collaborate with like-minded team members and make awesome games.

Specific duties include:

Creating any VFX content needed during the various phases of a project.
Creating stunning visual effect…

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How to create an attractive Job Ad (and 5 mistakes you're probably making right now)

It just happens. You are used to your Company “Job Descriptions” and templates you have been using over and over on job boards and when the time comes to search for a new team member, you just type in what you are used to on a regular basis.


InHiro is a tool that uses the Power of Social media and we would like to turn your attention towards 5 most common reasons your Job Ads might not be working well enough to attract the right candidates:

1. Job Title is not clear enough

Because many candidates might be reconsidering their current position in private, it’s important to incorporate search engine logic when naming the job. If it is a tech job, avoid titles such as ‘Coding Superstar’ or ‘Marketing Guru’. Instead, use what search engines (and most people) will look for, like ‘Software Engineer’,’Web Developer,’ etc. Creative position naming is cool - but only as a bonus to more traditional naming. 

2. You missed out basic information

The first warning sign would usually be that there is a ton of interest, but no applicants. When you see lots of clicks but no candidates, check if your job description consists of all the right ingredients: Job, Title, Location, Details about the Role, Responsibilities, Requirements, Steps to apply. Remember: you can always spice things up in the job description, but the basics should be clear enough in the first place.

3. Your Job Ad is misleading

If you have tons of applications and no one is qualified, there is something wrong, too. Feel free to get inspired by our checklist: tailor the mission to the job, avoid lengthy paragraphs, use bullet points, tell about your company’s uniqueness, inform only about important requirements or preferences, that might scare away talents intuitively, be consistent in your style, standardize the process once you have your Ad posted.

4. The Hiring Process in not working

If no one is accepting your job offers, you should investigate. Ask yourself following questions: What is my competition doing? Do I have a well-defined employer brand? Are there changes needed in our interviewing process? If you had trouble answering these, make sure you have it solved in advance.

5. Expectations are not set right

According to a research, around 60% of employees say that new job realities differ from expectations set during the interview process. Therefore, we encourage you to be consistent with all information you provide your candidates with. When the final rounds come and your candidate suddenly withdraws from the process, make sure it was not your fault. Rumours about misleading promises are spreading fast and nobody wants to be associated with that.

Recruiting is part of your Employer branding, and that is a part of your Marketing and Brand. You only want the best people to join you - are you worth their attention? Think about it when presenting your company  - not to clients, but candidates.

Blizzard Entertainment Recruiting (Multiple Opening)

Blizzard Entertainment Recruiting (Multiple Opening)

Blizzard Entertainment Recruiting Associate Producer, Senior Producer, Senior Web Graphic Designer, User Experience Designer & User interface Designer

Associate Producer


Irvine – California , United States

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a talented and enthusiastic associate producer to join our corporate applications group in Irvine, California. The associate…

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Recruiting is now open! Let us know if you roleplay any of the following and are interested in joining the network!
Two guns
Martial arts (m) or (f)
Or any Turk OC/AU characters.

Current members,
Reno (gingerbaton)
Rude (turkforlife)
Legend (the-legendary-turk)
Knife (overlyoptemisticturk)
Nunchaku (asheroftheturks)
Turk!Vincent (thechrimsoneyedturk)
Turk!denzel (sonofstrife)
Turk!squall (scarsbeltsandleather)

Activision Recruiting (Multiple Opening)

Activision Recruiting (Multiple Opening)

Activision Recruiting Cinematic Animator, Senior Social Systems Designer, Senior Game Designer & Associate Game Designer

Cinematic Animator (temporary)


Job Description

Home to some of the industry’s best and brightest talent, Treyarch is an industry-leading game developer whose Call of Duty: Black Ops II set world-wide launch day records, and whose previous game Call of Duty®: Black…

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MARSOC Debuts ‘Strength Challenge’ Recruiting Event

A new recruiting event sponsored by Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command allows active-duty Marines to find out if they have the physical qualifications to become an operator. The MARSOC Strength Challenge, which will take place April 26 at the command’s headquarters at Stone Bay, part of Camp Lejeune, N.C., will run Marines through a 10-minute test of physical stamina that includes pull-ups and strength exercises using weighted prowler sleds, according to promotional materials.

The event will be similar to the mobile pull-up bar challenge that Marine recruiters bring to public events to promote enlistment, but will be limited to male and female active-duty Marines, Morris said.

Oriental Dream Works Recruiting Digital Asset Coordinator

Oriental Dream Works Recruiting Digital Asset Coordinator

Oriental Dream Works Recruiting Digital Asset Coordinator

Digital Asset Coordinator

Creative Design & Development (CDD) is the internal central creative department for DreamWorks Animation. CDD creates the supporting design documents and assets for all departments within DWA, including, but not limited to: Theatrical, Television, Consumer Products, New Business and also DWA, AwesomenessTV and…

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Welcome to Luckystuck!

This is a fansession created by Mod K and Mod R from Homestuck Character Reviews, currently we are accepting applications for players to join our session, as it has not started.  You’ll find everything you need to know in the dropdown to the right of this post, under RULES AND REGULATIONS.

Luckystuck classpects are based on the classpect analyzations created by Mod R from the HCR blog, if you cannot find them, here is a link* to them.

Once an application is sent, it cannot be changed.  Please be sure to triple check what you send before you send it.

Mod R and Mod K are available to help design your character as always, feel free to ping them on skype under their names:



*If there is no analyzation of your chosen classpect, please feel free to contact Mod R for a quick summary.

Sparky Animation Recruiting Conceptual Artist

Sparky Animation Recruiting Conceptual Artist

Sparky Animation Recruiting Conceptual Artist

Conceptual Artist


To work on conceptual design and illustration of characters, props and locations.
Delivery of detailed drawing of characters, props and locations for 3D production.
To determine color scheme and textural attributes for the characters, props and locations.
Provide model sheets/2D turnarounds of the designs.

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After a couple of months of being here, we’ve finally decided that we need to take on some new contributors to the team. We haven’t decided how many new contributors we will take on, but we do have the following requirements:

  • Must be able to make gifs and/or graphics.
  • Must be willing to follow our tagging system (it’s simple). 
  • Be interested in posting/reblogging a range of films and tv shows. 
  • Be friendly and motivated! 

You can submit your applications here, please ensure you include the requested information so that we can make the best decisions! [x]

Recruiting || Alecto & Amycus || 11/15/78

Locaton: Hogsmeade
Date: 11/15/78
Time: Shortly before sundown

"Come on Lecty," Amycus teased.  "You cannot possibly tell me that you’re actually enjoying listening to that arsehat drone on about magical theory,” he rolled his eyes.  ”The theory is that you point your wand, you say a spell, an it magically happens.”  He shrugged and continued forward, “Monumental waste of time you ask me.”

He caught hold of her arm, slipping it through his and then sliding his own hand over hers where it rested on his elbow in a possessive movement he wasn’t even aware of.  As they walked, he leaned closer and purred cajolingly, “Plus, if you dropped it, we’d have more time together.  You can’t tell me that doesn’t appeal kitten.”

He wiggled his brows as he continued to steer them toward the edge of Hogsmeade where the little pub sat.  It was off the beaten path of most the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff pukes, but was frequented by a fair few of the right kind of people.  

"So, who’ve you got on your radar my love?" he asked as he held the door open in a gentlemanly fashion (a consideration he would show none but her) and said, "I’ve a fair few but only a couple of real potentials.  Anyone catching your eye of late?"

"Amycus,"Alecto sighed with amused exasperation when he started in again on his rant against magical theory. “I am taking the class for a reason Amy I…”he didn’t pause for her interruption again asserting his belief that the class was a waste of time. Maybe it was but Alecto found parts of it fascinating and she was harboring a great desire to understand her magic better. “That is not the theory Amycus that is simply one of magic’s many manifestations,”she argued. How else to explain her magic’s unpredictable nature? The way it responded to any number of things without any direction or use of a wand. She cut her eyes at her brother,”As you well know.”

Of course his true point was more understandable. It was an entire hour and fifteen minutes they were unnecessarily separated. She pouted at him leaning so their heads nearly touched as they walked,”Or you could’ve taken the class with me.” 

It was an unrealistic thought in truth. Amycus was not at all interested in taking on extra classes and he would be bored enough in Magical Theory that he’d likely spend the entire time distracting her. By that point she might as well have not taken the class at all. She followed him into the pub tilting her head thoughtfully going over the candidates in her head. She had fallen a bit behind in her duties with her recent…distractions and she knew it needed to be swiftly remedied before it hurt her reputation with the Dark Lord.

She led Amycus to their usual booth in a shadowy corner that allowed for a good view of the room. “A few of my snakes have shown increased ability lately maybe enough to be moved up to recruits,”just because someone made a decent minion didn’t mean they were cut out for war and Alecto was selective about who from her own circle she took into official training. It was good to have supporters within His army but not if they were going to reflect poorly on her choices. “Clarissa was actually right about there, but she’s still pouting,”she said with a pointed look at her brother. It wasn’t entirely his fault. She should have never slept with the girl. Another mistake when it came to minions they started to get all kinds of ideas about their own worth.  

She scanned the room pointing out another brother and sister duo sitting, not so close together as the twins, across the room. “The Greengrass siblings, did you hear what her brother did to that Gryffindor that pinched little Camilla’s arse? Very promising,”she said approvingly.