We are kicking off the work week with the Trona Pinnacles, one of the most unique landscapes in the California Desert.

The area consists of more than 500 tufa (calcium carbonate) pinnacles rising from the bed of the Searles Dry Lake basin. These tufa spires, some as high as 140 feet, were formed underwater 10,000 to 100,000 years ago when Searles Lake formed a link in an interconnected chain of Pleistocene lakes stretching from Mono Lake to Death Valley.

When visiting this area you will understand why more than 30 movies and commercials are filmed here every year. Ideally suited for science fiction backdrops Star Trek V, Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes and Battlestar Galactica were all shot here.

Visit the BLM Ridgecrest Field Office to #DiscoverTheDesert yourself.

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM

This past Friday was alumni night at my high school. I came straight from volleyball practice, looked like crap, just to have this amazing man there. He came all the way from Omaha so he could recreate our senior picture and ask me out.

I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend, best friend, and overall happy person in my life. 


My makeup for today. Today’s look was a recreation of a look my good friend thepryncess did for October 1st (specifically this post and this post ) and I loved the look so much I just had to put it on my face. I used sugarpill and a black eyeshadow from nyx for the eyes, tarte and nyx and sugarpill eyeshadows for the cheeks, and lime crime’s styletto for the lips


Dropped my pen.

Known for the sapphire-blue waters of its lake, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in Northern California has more to offer visitors. This 39,000-acre recreation area is also home to pristine mountains, 70 miles of hiking trails and stunning waterfalls — like Boulder Creek Falls pictured here.

Photo by Jesse Barden, Lava Beds National Monument.


Enjoying the beautiful Steens Mountain Wildernss Fall Foliage!

The United States Congress designated the Steens Mountain Wilderness in 2000 and it now has over 170,200 acres. All of this wilderness is located in Oregon and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Steens Mountain is located in Oregon’s high desert is one of the crown jewels of the state’s wildlands. It is some of the wildest and most remote land left in Oregon.

Opportunities for recreation on Steens Mountain are as plentiful as they are widespread. Popular activities include camping, picnicking, sightseeing, and exploring the open country on foot and horseback. Hiking is available in all areas and trailheads exist near Page Springs and South Steens Campgrounds, as well as Wildhorse Overlook and Pike Creek. Visitors photograph landscapes, wildlife and wildflowers, and catch redband trout in the Donner und Blitzen River. Others enjoy hunting for wild game and visiting special places, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.


Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers out there! You’re all so very special and deserve happiness not only today, but everyday! The past few weeks I’ve been working on a mothers day present with ericyoung182 I hope you all enjoy them as much as we enjoyed putting them together and working on them. :)



My makeup for today. Decided to do a recreation of a look thepryncess did a few days ago (this look to be exact), I loved the color combinations she did and I just had to have it on my face. I did add a few of my own touches but the inspiration for the look came from her photo. I used urban decay and lime crime for the eyes, tarte and a lime crime eyeshadow for the cheeks, and a mix between lime crime’s no she didn’t and la girl’s coy for the lips