BLM Winter Bucket List #16: Baldwin County, Alabama, for Warm, White Sand Beaches and Wildlife 

Are you tired of cold weather and mounds of snow?   Then come on down for a visit to BLM’s pristine white sand beaches in Baldwin County, Alabama.  Here you will find six small beach front tracts, totaling about 30 acres, managed by the Southeastern States Field Office located in Jackson, Mississippi. These tracts provide access to recreation activities on the Gulf of Mexico and its many beaches. Made almost entirely of quartz grains washed down from the Appalachian Mountains thousands of years ago, the white-sand beaches that make up the Gulf Shores shoreline are some of the finest in the world.  

With winter daily average temperatures are in the 60’s, these beaches make the bucket list if you wish to trade snow drifts for sand dunes, seagulls singing, and waves crashing; it’s everything you need to discover a whole new side to BLM public lands.  And, if you are lucky, you might get to observe sea turtle nesting or catch a glimpse of the Alabama beach mouse, both federally endangered. 

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1963 Chrysler Imperial emblem, recreated by Don Marsh. Other images by Alden Jewell, R. Gust Smith, Bryan Costin, and Andrew Wright.

“There is a war against the use of scripts in the design world today. Script designs are now considered inferior design. It’s hard to believe that from the start of the 20th century thru the 1970s script logos were as common as Roman lettered or symbolic logos. Script logos were once popular with car companies such as Ford, Stanley, Packard, Oldsmobile, Franklin, Hupmobile, and dozens more. Ford is the only auto company to continually use a script logo. Consequently, the Ford logo is nearly in the same class as the Coca-Cola logo, arguably the quintessential logotype. Cadillac seems to be about the only car company of recent years with the stugots to go with a script logotype. I bring this up because I’ve recently come across an automotive script I absolutely love. It’s this beautiful upright brush-script logo for the 1962–63 Chrysler Imperial. So I had to recreate the logo for inclusion in my album of Old [disused] Logotypes.” — Don Marsh

Don is right, mostly, but I’m not so pessimistic about how scripts are seen today. The “handmade” look is back in vogue for everything from indie coffee shops to major national ad campaigns. Still, most mainstream corps don’t have the guts to use a script for their main logo, and the car industry is particularly conservative, especially in contrast with their history of ceativity. After years of collecting emblems for Chromeography I rarely find anything of interest that was produced after 1985.


BLM 2014 Highlights: We hosted over 60 million visits to BLM-managed public lands for recreational activities as diverse as the lands themselves.

On approximately 250 million acres of public lands, the BLM provided a wide variety of recreational opportunities for national and international visitors, from hunting and fishing to horseback riding and boating to birding and wildlife viewing. In an increasingly urbanized West, these recreational opportunities and the settings where these activities take place are vital to the quality of life enjoyed by residents of western states.  

In support of local communities and partnerships, the BLM released a new recreation strategy last year — 2014 BLM Recreation Strategy Connecting With Communities. CLICK HERE to read the strategy.


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