Peder Mannerfelt
Flagellation, 2015

This adventurous album finds its roots in a very obscure 78 rpm record, put together by Belgian filmmaker Armand Denis, who was one of the first Europeans to capture the incredible sounds of Central Congo. These recordings were published in 1950 as The Belgian Congo Records.
Mannerfelt is an avid collector of African tribal music. When he came across this record he was immediately intrigued by the complexity and rendition of these recordings of Congolese music. His initial idea was to use the original album as a sample source, but this concept was quickly abandoned and Peder decided to recreate the album using only synthesizers.

We decided to recreate the album cover of fan of a fan.
Tony grabbed two rings. A jays snap back and a vintage Toronto Jays crew neck.
Me(Aj) had a simple task. A red @coogi pullover.

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said: its scary how you’re only a 5-minute photoshop away from selena gomez (the secret to eyeliner-capturing is to get another person to help you snap a pic of it!)

dangit tako I am now this tempted to try and recreate her Kiss and Tell album cover. (I don’t have enough concealer for this omg)

Oooh, thanks for the tip!! Something new to bug my little brother for hehehehe >:D


Week 4: Redesign a physical cover of my favourite album.

My favourite album is Stripped by Christina Aguilera, released in 2002. 

When redesigning this cover I wanted to reflect the objective Christina had with producing the album. At the time she was ridding herself of the clean female popstar image and revealing her true self and embracing her femininity. During the time spent recreating this album cover (a comparison will be in a following post) I wanted to convey the idea of appearing as one thing but secretly having hidden emotions that the world doesn’t see. 

When producing the front cover I wanted to keep this in mind, therefore I created a design with one image and had half the image only slighted edited and still in colour whilst the other side was black and white with more contrast on the filter. Christina is known for her bright red lipstick so I wanted to make that stand out across both sides, and this was done by using the quick selection tool and resorting it back to the original image with again, a slight contrast change to make them look slightly metalic and eyecatching. In terms of font I wanted “Stripped” to be easily readable and instead of going sideways across the cover, I wanted it to travel downwards on the side to cause more effect. However when it came to finding a font for her name, I decided to use ‘dafont’ and download a font that I felt created a flow through the letters and softened the appearance of the cover.

For the back of the CD I wanted to use an image from the same photoshoot to keep a continuous theme - all images found on Flickr through a creative commons license, and these will be credited and listed below. I also used another more recent photo to be faded in the background, almost like a reflection on her future self and I purposely flipped the image so she would be looking at the songs listed to conclude the album. When it came to the font I struggled in making a decision. I kept switching between fonts before choosing to continue the theme of the bold font from the cover. Not only did this keep my idea having a familiarity throughout, it also made the text readable against the image present on the back. For added effect, I also found a barcode and featured that on the back of my CD.


So what does D. Rose (@DRoseHd), Carmelo Anthony (@CarmeloAnthony), Stephen Curry (@wardell30), LeBeron James (@kingjames), Dwayne Wade (@Dwaynewade) and others have in common? Check out the details as to why these ballers were used for recreating hip hop album covers by @_3mil_ #kontrol #kontrolmag #drose #lebronjames #stephencurry #carmeloanthony #nba #art #hiphop