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Please pray for my family. We are going through a really really rough time. We are trying to make ends meet but it's hard. We recently got evicted from our home and it's harder. Also make duaa that my mom will recover because drugs and alcohol are taking over her life, she's not Muslim so also make duaa that Allah SWT guides her and the rest of my family. JazakAllah Khair


May Allah swt ease your family’s struggles and grant you all sabr and strength. Ameen. 

  • me:fuck it
  • me:the reason katara wasn't at jinora's graduation or varrick's wedding was there was booze and katara is a recovering alcoholic
  • girlfriend:would there really be booze at a 10 year old's ceremony though?
  • me:well nothing about it makes sense anyway i'm gonna make it not make sense my way

I have stopped trying to become the person I was before addiction took it’s toll. I don’t even remember who that person was. So I am becoming a new person. With new thoughts, dreams, feelings and opinions. It’s an exciting process because I have no idea what this new me can do or where she will take me. But whatever, wherever, I’m up for it and along for the ride!

An alcoholic is always an alcoholic. Sober is just another word for thirsty.
—  Sierra DeMulder, Werewolf

Truth: My father was a recovering alcoholic. He died almost exactly twelve years ago, still craving the taste of alcohol on the tip of his tongue. Everytime I hear this poem, I think of him, the war he waged within himself, the struggle, the courage, bravery, and strength it took to remain sober for my family.
If you are struggling to stay away from the bottle, know that to the people who care about you, it matters. Watching you fight your urge matters to them. They love you; they want the best for you. They want you to be healthy and happy. I guarantee that to the people who care about you, each day you remain sober is a victory they are extremely proud of you for. Take it one day at a time. You and your story matter. Never forget that.

I saw this and it brought tears to my eyes. It’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I am noticing a different person in the mirror…and I like her.

I don't understand people

Why do they get so offended when you don’t want to drink? Words like “killjoy” and “party pooper” pop up just because you don’t want to get wasted? And when you say you’re “just not drinking tonight” they actually get angry, and keep pressing you “come on, just have one? why not?” And it gets so awkward because I don’t want to just blurt out “i’m an alcoholic! sorry!” because that would be so awkward, but then the badgering goes on. I guess I’m hanging out with the wrong kinds of people.

No one ever got angry at me for refusing a glass of pineapple juice.