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Need to work on your toss or practise your receive? A kink meme is a place to request fics you would like to see, and to fulfill the requests of others. A dreamwidth account is not required — most prompts/fills are anonymous. And while this is a kink meme, all pairings and ratings are welcome!

Let’s have a good game!!


SCANDAL; “That’s all!!” blogpost by RINA☆

Everyone who has been viewing my secret-filled blog posts everyday! Finally, recording for the new album【HELLO WORLD】is completely finished! Kyaー The next one’s our 6th album. We’ve been releasing an album without fail every year since our debut, and I’m thankful for it. This round, it’s our first creation that’s self-produced. Even without knowing the plan, there was an attachment. But I love all the albums we’ve had up till now. The good parts were good. That is all.

There’s still a bit of time before we unveil the jacket photos, titles and album completely so please put your money aside! For discovering us, thank you ☺︎


Kağıttan kayıklarla, denizler geçilmiyor.

Kayahan’ın en sevdiğim şarkılarından.. 


SCANDAL; “score” blogpost by RINA☆

Preparing for recording in my own home. Each time, I’ll write my own scores before going. And then, in with the vocals.

An afternoon takoyaki snack. Harmonising. Today, we also completed 1 tune♩Yeap, I’m happy, there’s a sense of accomplishment!!!!! The song today is a warm tune that’s just fit for the season that the album will be released in. How exciting.

※ Extra: Yesterday, this is a part from the score as drawn by MAMI (last photo). Cu- cute.


ister ölüm olsun, ister ayrılık.