Hüzünlerden bozma gecelerde kaybolmadan ben, gel.

Sizce de pinarozek aşırı güzel bir video klip hazırlamamış mı bana? :)

((take a walk. when a sight or object strikes you, snap a photo. do this repeatedly as you go, not looking too hard or stopping too long. just be receptive to things jumping out to signal you, and record them. do this until you notice a thread running through the recordings. follow the thread more consciously. (amplify). upon return, describe in words the set of images you’ve collected. revise and polish until it reads like a poem. collect and date these poems and consult them in tandem with a journal or diary as personal aids.))

This 1976 Gibson Les Paul Recording was converted to a standard guitar a long time ago, having its low-impedance guts jettisoned in favor of beefy zebra-coil humbuckers and brass plates. As it is, it’s pretty damn cool, but it frets out horribly in the high register, so I’m going to have to do something about that. It’s heavy, but it sounds creamy! #guitar #gibson #lespaul #LP #recording #vintage #vintageguitar #gibsonguitars #mod #yes #mmguitarbar (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)