Main Verse: The Senate Reconvenes

Her stomach is twisting in little fluttery knots as Dormé does her hair. She’s picked one of her most regal-looking gowns for the day, artificial strength to hide behind. Normally she would eschew the mask of Queen but today she needs it. She’s not sure what else to do.

"I really want some wine," she tells Breha ruefully, wincing as Dormé’s comb hits a tangle. "But I suppose some of Tion’s tea will have to do."

The only bright spot she can see - and it’s so bright it’s nearly blinding - is that she has told Anakin. And Anakin is happy. That thought alone helps to buoy her throughout the morning preparations.


where’s that drive? where’s that ‘go getter’ attitude i used to have? when did it disappear? i’m ready to get back on track. i’m ready to regroup. refocus. reconvene. i’m ready to be inspired. i’m ready to run with it.

Welcome to the first meeting of the Morning Edition Reads book club! Here’s how it’s going to work: a well-known writer will pick a book they loved. We’ll all read it. Then, you’ll send us your questions about the book. And about a month later, we’ll reconvene to talk about the book with the author and the writer who picked it.

The first book has been selected by Ann Patchett, author of Bel Canto and co-owner of Parnassus Books, an independent bookstore in Nashville. Patchett says the best book she read this year was Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle That Set Them Free.

Hector Tobar with Luis Urzua, one of the trapped miners, in 2011. Courtesy of Hector Tobar.

The book stands out, Patchett says, because of Tobar’s beautiful and thoughtful writing. “He’s taking on all of the big issues of life,” she says. “What is life worth? What is the value of one human life? What is faith? Who do we become in our darkest hour?”

Over the next few weeks, you can send us your questions for Tobar. Submit your questions on the Morning Edition Facebook page or tweet them using the hashtag #MorningReads. When our club meets next month, your question might be read on air!

And if you’re feeling crafty, you can download our neato book club guide.


alas, despite my best intentions 10on10 didn’t happen. the days were too jam packed and i was too busy having fun. but here’s a mishmash of photos from wednesday and thursday!

  • on wednesday we had our final presentations all day, and we had record rainfall! so as soon as we finished up we headed across the street for some beers. the beers turned to pitchers and lots of laughs as we watched the water flooding down the streets, but it was cozy to be in good company and great spirits with the crazy weather outside.
  • when we finally decided to leave, the whole gang reconvened at my house for the rest of the evening! we played board games (jungle speed featured here) and stayed up way too late. couldn’t be more thankful for my friends.
  • there’s a gorgeously decorated house nearby! we appreciated its beauty and there was music and the whole thing is charlie brown themed :) 
  • on thursday we had clinician appreciation day until early afternoon and then i went to volunteer in a brain imaging study! i had electrodes all over my head and got an MEG scan done. i go back again in the new year for a second scan as well. research is so cool! having had to recruit participants i know how tough it can be, so i always volunteer when i get the opportunity.
  • my mom gave me this coffee and it’s amazing.

Gotta Keep The Government Open

In what might be the best excuse to duck out of a party ever, the president walk-jogged from a White House holiday reception for the press tonight to “do a little business.” That was around 8:30pm ET; we learned shortly after that the House would finally reconvene to vote on the spending bill, averting a government shutdown. After brief(ish) debate, it passed in the House.

"I’m sorry, got to keep the government open, I’ll be right back," Obama said. 

(Video: Gerry Holmes/NPR)

smilodonmeow asked:

Hey, I saw your post about projects you were involved with, and I noticed Loosely Bolted wasn't on the list. I totally understand if you had to drop it, it sounds like you and Rachel are both really busy with other projects, but I'm still hoping that when you two have free time you'll do another video. The ones you did so far were AMAZING.

Thank you! Rachel answered a similar question a few days ago and I reblogged her answer, but in short, we’ve just had to focus on other things for a while and LB is on hiatus for a bit. But it’s all for good reason and we will reconvene soon!


Sunday 12/8/14:  Protesters marched from Berkeley via two parallel avenues, reconvening in Oakland with the goal of entering the 51st street highway ramp. Some made it to highway 24 climbing an overgrown embankment. Those stopped by police, marched to another ramp not far, amassing more and more people. The overwhelming majority marched peacefully while a small number threw pieces of cinder blocks and at least one flash bomb.

Protests have been much more peaceful since Sunday. 

Review - Green Lantern: New Guardians #37

Review – Green Lantern: New Guardians #37

Act three of the Godhead crossover reaches it’s mid-mark with this week’s Green Lantern: New Guardians #37. Last month’s issue left Kyle and Carol stranded on the surface of Old Genesis after losing their rings to Highfather. Conveniently, Metron shows up and gives them a motherbox to reconvene with John Stewart and Saint Walker in the catacombs beneath New Genesis. There, they devise a plan to…

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A decade ago, and then again five years later, we gathered a set of music bloggers who pioneered online music discovery—often to the chagrin of record labels. Now we reconvene to discuss the current state of listening to and reading about music online.

I’m not sure this was a very rewarding read, considering how long it is. Isn’t it more of what we always read about? Aren’t these bloggers saying the same in different ways? Long pieces aren’t as numerous as before, record labels are in trouble, streaming services aren’t the solution, the news are more relevant than the thoughts… Once I finished reading it, I realized why this didn’t have any effect on me. This isn’t the opinion of music listeners; this is, as the title accurately points out, the opinion of writers — portrayed as superior to listeners, of course. 

so, my room is all packed, and the apartment is mostly empty, and this moment is entirely surreal. my time in ireland has given me so much and this has, without a doubt, been the best four months of my life. for the first time in my life i was surrounded by people that were kind to me, and didn’t make me feel like i was less-than and they were funny and wonderful and incredibly vibrant characters that i’ll never forget; the hardest part, by far, has been saying goodbye to them, because i can’t imagine my day-to-day life not involving them. but, i know that this isn’t the end - i’ll see them all soon enough, whether it be in a few weeks over our holiday break, or during the summer and fall when we span across the country just to reconvene. 

i’m so sad to say goodbye to this place, to this life i’ve built for myself here, but it’s time for me to go home. i’m ready to go home. 

First internal release of LoveData coming Jan 7!

Last night, I met with two of my entrepreneurial friends and we talked about the status of our side projects. Mine - LoveData - has been woefully neglected. I have been busy with work and another side project - Brisket. All three of us are at various stages:

Zone slider

In true orbitalnyc fashion we were supportive and constructive - freely exchanging ideas, criticism, and accountability. One thing I learned from orbital (that my friends reinforced) is working in public helps to keep you on track.

So my deliverable for the next time my friends and I reconvene is an initial release of LoveData! I’m planning to use a tool like to get a working releasable product without having to learn mobile development.

Berkeley to Bakersfield
Rating: 3. 5 out of 5 stars

Whatever you may think of David Lowery, he’s a hard worker who has been on a prolific roll as of late; first with two solid if inconsistent albums within 18 months with a resuscitated Camper Van Beethoven and now a double disc from the on-again/off-again Cracker.

This latest pays tribute to the sounds and most pointedly the vibe, of the titular California cities that forged Lowery’s approach. Berkeley is geared towards rawer, more garage oriented rocking with Bakersfield not surprisingly shifting to a rootsy country/Americana style. Both are short enough to easily fit onto a single platter, but Lowery clearly wanted to separate the music, and players, into two distinct entities. Berkeley notably reconvenes the original Cracker lineup who hasn’t recorded together in over 20 years while Bakersfield keeps the core outfit of Lowery and guitarist Johnny Hickman, adding a half dozen guest musicians to provide the fiddles and pedal steel that bring authenticity to the country rock. Some lyrics correspond to other cities (“San Bernardino Boy,” “El Cerrito”) and how they are both very different from Los Angeles.

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Signal Boost

From the Auburn University Women’s Studies Program:

In recognition of the recent social injustices occurring in America, Auburn University (AU) students are holding a peaceful demonstration on Friday December 5 2014. The purpose of this demonstration is to take a stand against oppression. Participants are asked to meet in front of the main steps of the AU Student Center BY 12:10PM. At 12:10pm, designated personnel will lead demonstrators to spread out on the concourse in front the Haley and Student Centers. Then, demonstrators will be signaled to lay down on the ground for 4.5 minutes in silence. Once the time has expired, demonstrators will reconvene in front of the Student Center steps for closing remarks.
Please spread the word to other individuals who are interested in joining this peaceful demonstration
Thank you and I hope to see you on Friday.

What’s missing on “Seeds,” when compared with earlier TV on the Radio recordings, is a sense of brooding discontent. That’s intentional, said Mr. Adebimpe last week by phone from Los Angeles, where the band was on a brief hiatus before its tour of the U.S. and Canada resumes this week. Following the 2011 death of band member Gerard Smith at age 36 after a battle with lung cancer, and the release of its album “Nine Types of Light,” TV on the Radio took an extended break. When the musicians reconvened, they embraced a new philosophy for writing and recording: If the top line wasn’t hummable, the band put the song aside. Inspired by the directness of performances by the likes of Nat King Cole, Sam Cooke and traditional blues artists—where the arrangements support and complement the singer—the members were more interested in visceral impact and a recognizable musical lexicon.

With Mr. Sitek producing at his Los Angeles studio, the quartet recorded quickly. Mr. Adebimpe said, “We’ve been at this long enough to realize what was valuable and what was superfluous.” He added that with its prior complex backdrops, the band had pushed rock arrangements about as far as they could go. [Read More]



New music from ERASE ERRATA? YES!

The band has reconvened and has a new album coming out in January, called “Lost Weekend”. The video for “My Life In Shadows” is deceptively simple but is a good fit for the music. The angular edge of the band is still present, but at least in this song, it is matched by a certain ease and catchiness that will sink it’s claws into your brain. 

Between Erase Errata and Sleater-Kinney releasing new albums in January the year is going to be off to a great musical start. 

jollycakesniffer asked:

one time I had a super weird dream that my high school prom was in a grocery store, but halfway thru prom the store closed so we all had to leave and then somehow the entire school reconvened in someone's house to finish prom and then afterwards my best friend drove me and a weird dream version of my boyfriend home in a green station wagon with wood paneling on the sides. Then when I got home spongebob square pants was in my backyard???? Idk man

dreams are so bizarre