TV Recommendations by Type

Hey guys!  Sorry I dropped off the face of the planet!  Anyways, I’m back with some recommendations of TV shows I think each type might like.  Granted, I’m an ISFJ and I like all of these shows (I watch too much TV, I know, I know), so it’s not as if they’re specific to a single type.  Watch what looks interesting to you, even if it’s for a totally different type.

ISTJ- The Middle

The chaos that is the Heck household is sure to make the ISTJ both cringe and feel 1000% better about their life choices.  These people are clearly not the organized and put together individuals that Si and Te make ISTJs, but watching the Hecks misadventures never gets old.

ISFJ- Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec is not only ridiculously funny, but also has the most heart of any other recent comedy series.  The show is clever and warm, with a plethora of unique characters that ISFJs will enjoy getting to know and love.  I can’t say enough good things about this show, because it combines humor and emotion in a truly fantastic way.  

INFJ- Orphan Black

Oh man, this show.  So good.  Probably my favorite on this list at the moment.  Anyways, Orphan Black has an intricate and deep plot that the INFJ’s Ni will love unwinding.  It also raises a number of questions about the moral implications of scientific advances, which would appeal to both Ni and auxiliary Fe.  

INTJ- Revenge

The intensely complex plans of vengeance Emily Thorne takes are sure to excite the INTJ’s Ni and Te.  Unfortunately this show went a bit downhill from the second season onwards, but the tightness of season one is really something to behold.  Later seasons aren’t terrible by any means, just not as strong as the first one.  

ISTP- The Amazing Race

Every leg of the Amazing Race features teams traveling to different countries, completing tasks that test their nerve, intelligence, and social graces.  All of these things would excite the ISTP’s Se, and trying to figure out the most efficient ways to get around the world would be perfect for a dominant Ti type.

ISFP- Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is always great for a bit of romance and a bit of excitement, whether that comes in the form of a hospital shooting, a plane crash, or a flash flood.  These will appeal to the ISFP’s Fi and Se, and title character Meredith Grey is an ISFP as well!  

INFP- Happy Endings

Very kooky show that was gone too soon.  The oddball humor will surely appeal to the INFP’s auxiliary Ne, but the show is understated enough to suit the style of an introvert.  So sad that this show only laqsted three seasons, but at least the episodes are so packed with jokes that they necessitate rewatching.  

INTP- 30 Rock

Another very strange, very layered show.  Arguably the wittiest show on TV in the past few years, which will work well with the INTP’s Ti.  Also does a great job satirizing and skewering societal trends and illogicalities, which smart-asses will find wildly entertaining.  Oh, and Tina Fey is an INTP too!!  

ESTP- Survivor

Survivor is the ultimate adventure, which is exactly what Se craves.  What’s really interesting about the show (which I have devoted far too much time and thought to lol) is how variable every season is, which would similarly excite the adaptable and quick-thinking ESTP.  Some seasons are stronger than others, and for first time watchers I would recommend Borneo (1), Amazon (6), Pearl Islands (7), China (15), Philippines (25), or Cagayan (28).    

ESFP- Friends

A classic show about, well, friends, which are extremely important to the social butterfly ESFP.  The ESFP will appreciate the flawed but lovable group living in the ever-exciting New York City and can indulge in the constant humor of this television titan.

ENFP- Gilmore Girls

Another personal favorite, the ENFP’s Ne will give it as good a chance as anyone of keeping up with the wicked-fast paced dialogue on Gilmore Girls.  The show also has a ton of emotional moments, often centered around familial matters, which will operate well with Fi.

ENTP- Summer Heights High

Incredible, incredible satire, which will be immensely appealing to the Ne-Ti combination of the ENTP.  The format of the show itself is intriguing, with Chris Lilley playing the three main characters, and the ENTP is sure to appreciate his ability to embody such cutting caricatures. 

ESTJ- Scandal

It’s realllllllyyyyyyy satisfying watching Olivia Pope get shit done, and I don’t even use Te like the ESTJ does.  Scandal will also appeal to Si because of its monumental, presidential nature and the characters’ attempts to navigate through the bureaucracy of Washington.

ESFJ- Parenthood

SO. MANY. FEELS.  Every episode of Parenthood is packed with family drama and emotion, which suits the ESFJ’s dominant Fe and auxiliary Si.  Additionally, the acting on this show (especially that of Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman) is absolutely beautiful.  A fantastic drama about family and life in general.

ENFJ- Heroes

A show that is devoted to the idea of having a greater purpose for the good of humanity, Heroes works perfectly for an ENFJ with Fe and Ni who feels like they’re meant to do something big.  Like Revenge, this is a show that kind of crashed after the first season (Season 4 made no sense.  To anyone.  At all.), but man was it amazing in its prime.

ENTJ- How to Get Away with Murder

Rounding out the Shondaland trifecta is the newest show of the bunch, which the ENTJ will find appealing for its intricate plot and intensity.  Annalise Keating is BA, like the ENTJ is, and she refuses to back down from anything or anyone.  This one only has 15 episodes, so you could finish it by tomorrow! 

So those are my suggestions!! Hopefully you’ve found something that looks interesting to watch this summer.  I really love all of these shows and think any of them would be a great choice.  

Fanfic Appreciation! Day 24 1/2

Our second appreciation recommendation for today is a hilarious and wonderful writer who has an amazing grasp on setting a scene and using lush vibrancy in her words.  You never know what you’re going to get when you read one of her photo prompts, but I assure you, you will find yourself lost in her writing.

Recommended Author: indomitablemegnolia

I was lucky enough to start chatting with Meg when Tuesdays With Lee was in full force back in the fall.  We both have a great love for his Mr. Pace, and his body and different personalities are quite the inspiration indeed!

She’s taken them up on her own in her own way, and I’m thrilled to read along with her prose.  

Check out her: Poems for some of the loveliest writing around…all with lush visuals to bring you into her world.

And this one…. I felt a breeze stir against the skin on my back….

Yeah.  You wont be thinking about pie the same way twice afterwards….

Please head on over and if you find something you like, let her know (and tell her CMR sent you!!).  I guarantee you’ll find something in there that will hook you in for sure!

Past Recommendations for the Month

Fanfic Appreciation! Day 24

So, today we’ll have an author who is quite prolific and is amazingly consistent at keeping with her projects with a style and grace all her own.  Go onto her blog and you’ll find a treasure trove of writings and snippets, story starters and words that will be incredibly intriguing!

Recommended Author: angelpromise

She is a lovely and sweet soul with beautiful ideas and words: a Doctor Who WIP, she has the 365 Stories Challenge where she chooses a quote per day from a book of the same name.  She completed the 365 Days Challenge where every day she answered a question from a daily prompt…unbelievable! 

She has a story in progress, which is quite intriguing….

The Ghosts of Streatfield House

A young woman named Elsa moves into a mysterious (and possibly haunted) house, while we are introduced to a young boy named Thomas…who may be connected to it all.

Go darlings…go and peruse all her writing and shower some love and good words on her stories!!! I promise you, you will not be disappointed and you will be sucked into the writing and be begging for more (and if you are SEND AN ASK). 

This month is coming to a close…and the recs will be doubling to catch up for the month, so keep an eye out! Spread the love around to your favorite authors and you will be rewarded with more of their writing!!! We thrive off the interaction of our followers, so go on and spread it around!

Past Recommendations for the Month


recommended :

The Glass Onion Society in Long Jetty on the Central Coast of NSW is awesome. Just under 2 hours north of Sydney, about fifty members from my Church had coffee there on our Weekend Away Saturday afternoon break. 

Every detail is stunning, the service was excellent considering we packed out their cafe and ordered fifty coffees in five minutes, and it’s super spacious. There are prints for sale, knick knacks everywhere and it’s surrounded by cool op-shops and vintage stores.

aph-alfred asked:

I love your blog so much and just wanted to ask if you knew of any good teacher/student AUs?

I’ve done a few in a College AU list, but I have a few more to add to that. I hope you’re asking for smut, because you’re (mostly) getting smut!

High School Student x Teacher

  • Apple Nectar (by avalonroses) - Alfred gets really distracted when his teacher bends forward to help a student, putting his delectable ass right in Alfred’s face.
  • Bad Boy (by AnonymousVow)- Delinquent Arthur is determined to fuck his hot teacher. WARNING: Dubcon. 
  • Cigarette Smoke and Black Tea (by SpyMiss) - Alfred intentionally misbehaves to get detention with his hot teacher.
  • All Good Things (by Thrice Written) - Gym teacher Alfred finds himself lusting after one of his students. Unfinished, but has some good smut.
  • Untitled (by anon) - Just straight up student/teacher smut with Alfred as the horny student.

Hogwarts Student x Teacher

College Student x Professor

Single!Parent x Teacher

Teacher x Teacher

May Book Photo Challenge
Day 13: Interesting Topics

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

“Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because the regret is stronger than gratitude.”
-Anne Frank’s Diary