Drown | Bring Me The Horizon

And I can’t take 
One more moment of this silence 
The loneliness is haunting me
And the weight of the worlds getting harder to hold up 
It comes in waves 
I close my eyes
Hold my breath 
And let it bury me 
I’m not okay 
And it’s not alright 
Won’t you drag the lake 
And bring me home again 
Who will fix me now?
Dive in when I’m down? 
Save me from myself, 
Don’t let me drown 
Who will make me fight? 
Drag me out alive? 
Save me from myself, 
Don’t let me drown 


Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

For more unique dystopian visions of the future, try these…

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess for a violent future Britain where the establishment seeks order by reforming dangerous youth.

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow for a 1984-inspired YA thriller set in the near future that explores the dystopian effect of post 9/11 policy.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel for a literary love letter to humanity after a flu pandemic wipes out 99% of the population.

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell for a genre-busting epic that starts in 1984 and ends in 2043.

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100 photographers on Tumblr

(FR) Commencé en février, le répertoire des photographes recommandés compte à présent 100 photographes. Pour fêter ça, les voici tous réunis dans un slideshow de presque 10 minutes, et n’oubliez pas les enfants, toujours créditer les artistes:

(EN) Started in February, the directory of recommended photographers now has 100 photographers. To celebrate, here they are all together in a slideshow of nearly 10 minutes, and remember kids, always credit the artists:

  1. Rickard Aall
  2. Ethan Aaro Jones
  3. Delaney Allen
  4. Adam Amengual
  5. Ben Anderson
  6. Daniel Arnold
  7. Peter Baker
  8. Adam Bellefeuil
  9. Charles Bouchaib
  10. Matt Bower
  11. Timothy Briner
  12. William James Broadhurst
  13. Steven Brooks
  14. Jared Buschang
  15. João Canziani
  16. Elias Carlson
  17. Alex Catt
  18. Carlos Chavarría
  19. Cody Cobb
  20. Grant Cornett
  21. Clayton Cotterell
  22. Alex Crétey Systermans
  23. Stevie Dacanay
  24. Lindsay D’Addato
  25. Jonathan Deltour
  26. Bobby Doherty
  27. Cédric Dubus
  28. Jessica Eaton
  29. Clemens Fantur
  30. Michael David Friberg
  31. Paul Garcia
  32. Viktor Gardsater
  33. Vincent Glielmi
  34. Patrick Gookin
  35. Emiliano Granado
  36. Grégoire Grange
  37. Anna Paola Guerra
  38. Carl Gunhouse
  39. Sam A. Harris
  40. Osma Harvilahti
  41. William Hess
  42. Todd Hido
  43. Alexi Hobbs
  44. Peter Hoffman
  45. Theron Humphrey
  46. Tristan Hutchinson
  47. Patrick Joust
  48. Mikael Kennedy
  49. Stacy Kranitz
  50. Sannah Kvist
  51. Winslow Laroche
  52. Jack Latham
  53. Dominique Legrand
  54. Matthieu Litt
  55. Thomas Locke Hobbs
  56. Erik Lovold
  57. Shane Lynam
  58. Ross Mantle
  59. Alex Matzke
  60. Julien Mauve
  61. Michael Christopher McCraw
  62. Nich Hance McElroy
  63. Greg Miller
  64. Bobby Mills
  65. Nguan
  66. Stephanie Noritz
  67. Paccarik Orue
  68. Nathan Osterhaus
  69. Ed Panar
  70. Steven Paneccasio
  71. Laura Pannack
  72. Sarah Pannell
  73. Dany Peschl
  74. John Francis Peters
  75. Mark Power
  76. Missy Prince
  77. Thomas Prior
  78. Ernest Protasiewicz
  79. Andrew Querner
  80. Benjamin Rasmussen
  81. Patrick Romero
  82. Chris Round
  83. Whitten Sabbatini
  84. Iain Sarjeant
  85. Bryan Schutmaat
  86. Olivier Seignette
  87. Daniel Shea
  88. David Simonton
  89. Alex JD Smith
  90. Smithyphoto
  91. Rob Stephenson
  92. Sean Stewart
  93. Wouter Van de Voorde
  94. Maurice Van Es
  95. Thorir Vidar
  96. Cyrille Weiner
  97. Harley Weir
  98. Mark Wickens
  99. Geordie Wood
  100. Michael Wriston

Photographers A-Z page

Selektor Magazine

Okay so

I saw this on my dash and immediately assumed oldbisonb was some a-hole who stole my work for his own notes and no. No, this person reblogged me. Thank you oldbisonb, I’m very happy that you enjoyed my work!

But, Tumblr saw fit that they should be advertised on my blog for something they didn’t make. Do you know what that little follow button is there in place of? the fucking source link.

I followed a lot of recommended blogs from my dash because of the artwork displayed, so now I don’t know if they were just reblogs, and the artists I wanted to follow are still completely unknown to me.

this is some kinda fucked up art thievery on tumblr’s behalf, and I’d love for someone to let me know if reblogs are always being recommended, or if there’s something I’m not yet aware of (recommendations of popular blogs who reblog your work for example), because this is really fucked.


The Shadow of the Wind by Carols Ruiz Zafón

For more beautiful storytelling full of twists and turns, try these…

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton for a literary murder mystery packed full of complex character, motives and secrets.

The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett for a mystery involving an antique bookshop and mysterious paintings.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield for intertwined stories of hidden family secrets about bookshops and novelists. 

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks for a reverse chronological story about a book conservator exploring the history of a Jewish illuminated text.

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Review: How To Be Happy by Eleanor Davis

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the first collection of Eleanor Davis’ work since I stumbled upon her illustration work for Google and the New York Times. Still being fairly new to the indie comics scene, I hadn’t realized how much of her work was available online or in various anthologies. On the whole, this is my loss, but seeing all of her comics with a fresh eye was important for me. It gave me a chance to evaluate her work in a more holistic way.

How To Be Happy is 152 pages of a mix of full color (104 pages) and black and white (48 pages) comics from a range of Davis’ comics history. Included are pieces from Mome and Nobrow, as well as previously published work from her website. One thing that is immediately clear when flipping through the collection is Davis’ eye for color. In a color-blocked style, “In Our Eden,” her lead off piece, is both engaging and beautiful in its construction. The second major comic, “Nita Goes Home,” is likewise remarkable in its use of color. Both of these comics set the stage for the overarching theme of these short comics. Davis notes in the book’s opening pages that “this is not a book about how to be happy,” and I agree. How to Be Happy is a book that shows people living with despair, grief, and unhappiness. It is a book about how people fail and sometimes succeed in calming the harsh storm inside ourselves.

Davis’ work is on a really stark emotional spectrum – and while her giant grinning men are a joy, it is in the tears of her characters where we find the most of her message. In the last long color comic “No Tears, No Sorrow,” we find characters distanced from the world and unable to cry. They decide to go to a seminar to return their lost tears. What the main character finds is the inability to separate her own personal sadness from the collected sadness of humanity as a whole. We close the comic with a scene of her sobbing relentlessly in an aisle of a grocery store. Dealing with sadness, understanding it, and coming to terms with it, is a thematic concept that drives How To Be Happy.

In the lead off comic, “In Our Eden,” a group of people is slowly whittled away from as the leader abandons an agrarian lifestyle, then commercial products and hunting. In the end, it is just one Adam and one Eve, together in their Eden. In some ways, this comic shows us success and failure at the same time. As Adam drives the nonbeliever away with his more and more radical notions of Eden, he and Eve are isolated from their community - but they have each other. Building communities and maintaining them is also an important theme that builds throughout How To Be Happy.

Of all the work in How To Be Happy, Davis’ black and white comics are the most savage. In a series of two panels, Davis shows a man in a Mickey Mouse t-shirt snip off his lover’s fingers in the way that a person might lance a boil – at arms length away, squeamishly, and without emotion. In one of the shorter black and white comics, a husband and wife come to terms with their failed relationship. “Any kindness I’ve ever shown has been in my own self-interest,” she says, and he responds with, “The very existence of other people seems doubtful.” Their solution is catastrophic and biting. I love how Davis separates the couple in individual panels, showing their isolation. But after the baby comes they stand together in failure, clearly not any different than before and now connected by something they cannot manage.

At the beginning of the book, we see a group of people falling from the sky as one lone woman tries to catch them all. At the end, we see a group of people trying to catch one person. The fall is inevitable, but community can make it bearable, survivable. Davis’ work is a fierce but beautiful reminder that humanity has within it the disease, and sometimes, it also has within it the cure. Recommended.


Eleanor Davis is a celebrated comics artist and illustrator. Her work can be found at her website, her sketch blog, and also at her tumblr - beouijaHow To Be Happy is published by Fantagraphics (tumblr: fantagraphics) and can be purchased at their website or from your local independent bookstore.


The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis

For more fantasy to make you believe magic is just through the nearest wardrobe, try these…

The Deptford Mice Trilogy by Robin Jarvis for more in utterly believable talking animals and a dark, dark fantasy world.

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner for beautiful, hard-edged fantasy using British mythology.

The Immortals series by Tamora Pierce for characters you desperately want to be and a world packed with fantastical races and monsters.

The Redwall series by Brian Jacques for a truly epic fantasy series of good versus evil.

This post was guest edited by author Laure Eve. Her latest novel, The Illusionists, is out now. You can find her on Twitter here.

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Its my first anniversary on tumblr, so let me take this chance to celebrate all the wonderful people I follow! Mutuals are marked bold. Friends are in italics. All time favorites are in *stars*. .


01jdog 2spoofy4me adamant-blazikenangry-slowpoke *another-pokemon-kid* banettestoybox *blazikingdom


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*eevee-ray​* elbuiz elitepokemonmasterforlife faleep *fancychanseyfano-tastic faster-by-choice *fireside-fuse* *ghosty-schnibibit* *h0ppip*


 *iris-sempi*it-started-to-rainjiinouga *latiox* *lilsoulreaper13* *lucariolismega-flygon-forever *mega-luxrite*meteor-falls *nonapal16*


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 *sableye-of-the-tiger* *scolipede* shiny-banette *shiny-cradily* *shinycaterpieshinyhawluchashinynidoqueen shinypokemonlab *shortniggabuttmydicktall21* silverjolteon *sixpenceee* *somebody-fabulous* spapo-bloo spooky-sableye *spoopy-buns* *suave-groudon* *the-mega-milotic* the-nightmare-pokemon *thegirlwhocriedfoxfacethemajesticxerneas thenomables this-intrepid-kid *torch-dicktweeckos


 *unfesant* vivyllon *zionagi* *zwampert*

Here’s to another great year!

Popping the USUK Cherry!

Okay, so the next highest vote tally was for “first time.” I’m not sure if you guys wanted virginity stories or just Alfred and Arthur’s first time together, so I went ahead and did both :)

Touched like a Virgin…

(Both Virgins)

(Virgin America)

  • A is For (by RobinRocks) - It’s America’s first time and England’s first time with someone who loves him. (I’ve linked to the chapter with the sex scene, but the whole fic is good!)
  • Shag Carpeting (by outtogarden) - America doesn’t understand why England is getting hot and bothered by his new shag rug. UKUS.
  • There’s a First Time for Everything (by orphan_account) - England and America share a bed. I think you can see where this is leading. It’s a little rushed, but still cute. UKUS.
  • Scary Movies and Ahoges (by Optimistically-Hopeless) - England discovers the secret of Nantucket and also America’s secret virginity. UKUS.
  • Phantom Touch (by anon) - America is possessed by a ghost who desperately wants sex. Unfinished, but it’s awesome and you can imagine the ending pretty easily.
  • Gay Weaklings (by Threnna) - Arthur agrees to help Alfred with his virginity problem. Abandoned, but the sex scene is in the beginning. UKUS.

(Virgin England)

First Kiss Fluff

First Time Smut

yes, i too am a thirsty bitch...

looking at you:
























If you not rolling with these blogs, you not doing Tumblr right. Follow immediately.


Review: Fish, by Bianca Bagnarelli

Bianca Bagnarelli’s illustration work captured my attention earlier this year, so I was happy to hear that she was having a book published through Nobrow Press’ 17x23 line, a series of comics that features short stories by young talented cartoonists. The line has a sparseness to it, which requires a certain economy of the author.

The economy of Fish is both in a short 24 pages of story, but also the economy of telling one moment in time. The story features Milo, a 12 year old boy who is still reeling from the death of his parents in a car crash. When their bodies washed to shore, he wasn’t allowed to see them – but when a body washes up on the shore of their local beach, Milo thinks he can solve his inner turmoil.

Bagnarelli plays around with the theme of death throughout Fish. The eye of Milo is constantly dwelling on things that are dead and dying. He passes a decorative cow skull as he is walking to the bridge over the local river, he stares at a vase full of wilted and dying flowers, and he thinks about the frailty of life. He’s bitter and withdrawn. He can’t connect to his visiting family. His eye is drawn to towards the macabre, talking about organs and shrimp intestines.

The bombshell of the book is Milo encountering the corpse of the missing girl. Against the warnings of his cousins, he fights to see the remains, and then is overwhelmed. Before this encounter, death was an abstract. But now he sees how scary it is, sees how dirty it is. “We’re all just full of shit,” he muses. “Does it scare me?”

But Bagnarelli isn’t content to let Milo freefall, and in the last 5 panels, turns the narrative on its head. Offering Milo hope, and by proxy, the reader – we can live with our past provided we live in the present, it seems to say.  The result is something more complex and nuanced, something confusing and yet surprisingly uplifting.

There’s an intensity of storytelling here amplified by beautiful illustration. Bagnarelli uses a sunset palette to mirror Milo’s depressed mood, and the result is a stunning mix of reds, pinks, purples, and yellows that give the story the feeling of imminent ending. But rather than an ending, Fish seems like a beginning. Sundrenched vistas and detailed foliage make reading Fish a joy for the eyes, and it is clear that Bagnarelli is an illustrator with an eye for detail and complexity. And in Fish, Bagnarelli’s complex and beautiful art are matched by a story of death, and more importantly, of life, that refuses to cater to the casual whim. Recommended.


Bianca Bagnarelli (tumblr: biancabagnarelli) is a illustrator and cartoonist whose work has been printed in the New York Times, kushkomikss, and in 2010, founded Delebile, an independent comics label that publishes short comic stories. Their newest anthology, Work, releases later this month.

Nobrow Press (tumblr: nobrowpress) is an independent press based in London that publishes art books and comics.


Go Book Yourself 1st Birthday Special!

It’s our birthday! In just 12 months, we’ve recommended 653 books over 135 posts, and grown to over 130,000 followers. Thank you all so much!

To celebrate, here are our favourite books recommended to us by others…

Northern Lights by Philip Pullman was recommended to me by my Grandad, who bought it for me one Christmas. My grandad would buy me and my sister books every Christmas and this year he gave me what turned out to be one of my all time favourite books. 

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt was recommended to me by Dan, who said the characters reminded him of us. I loved it. It was like stepping into the Wild West and sitting in a movie theatre at the same time. Great characters, brotherly bonds and a bad-ass search for gold!

Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill was recommended to me by Anna. Anna is the best recommender of books I’ve ever met and for good reason, she knew I’d love this and she was right. It’s my favourite book of the year so far; hilarious, heartbreaking and beautifully written. Thanks Anna!

Tell us: What’s the best book you’ve ever been recommended, and who recommended it to you?

Influence Map Meme: my artist inspirations

(sorry this is so long! I didn’t realize I had this much to say about other artists. in fact, I probably have a lot more to say about them >.>;;;)

1. Akihiko Yoshida | I love his character designs, specifically for Final Fantasy Tactics and the 2 online games in the series. His mix of armour and robes is the ideal fantasy aesthetic for me. I love going through his class designs for tactical RPG’s and seeing how well they mesh together and remain distinctive even when shrunk altered for ingame graphics.

2. George Kamitani | Artist for most (all?) Vanillaware games. I love everything about his work - the exaggerated figures, the colours, the HANDS - and love it even more when it’s all animated. Recently, I bought Dragon’s Crown almost solely for the Amazon character and her boulder-crushing legs. He’s influenced my digital painting style and I hope one day to create character just as bold.

3. gigidigi | It has been incredible to see the progress of her work over the years, from the livejournal days to the current beast that is Cucumber Quest. Her colours and composition have improved so much, and I’ve never seen her be anything but encouraging to other artists.

4. Final Fantasy 9 | The perfect Final Fantasy! Not only does it have a wide variety of character designs that fit seamlessly into the created world, but it’s backgrounds are easily the most beautiful and memorable for me. As well, the world felt truly large but not overwhelming. Every inch of it could be explored, revealing a plethora of secrets and treasures. Even now, I aim to recreate that adventure experience in my story work.

5. CLAMP | One word: Costumes. If CLAMP taught me anything, it’s that poofy skirts/shorts/sleeves combined with ribbons and lace and magic is the key to happiness. My love for these things probably comes directly from the religious watching and reading of Cardcaptors in grade school.

6. Tite Kubo | Creator of the manga Bleach. Although his story telling has deteriorated awfully, his drawings are still amazingly pretty! I also started drawing males more because of Bleach, and sometimes you can still catch traces of his influence in my work. It holds a weird place in my heart…

7. sachinteng | His combination of organic and non-organic objects is… is beyond words! As well as his use of glitch/static effects, how he puts all these things together into a coherent and meaningful piece is incredibly inspiring! And the animations!!!!

8. Junji Ito | A well known horror manga artist. He has a handful of long works but I think his skills shine the most in his short stories. He thrives on the inevitable and unresolved, and does so without being overly grotesque (think Battle Royale manga, though that’s not horror). Anyway, I love the feeling of unease he creates, even when the imagery can sometimes be eerily beautiful. Also, his cat comics. Those are amazing.

9. maruti-bitamin | Her work is truly something else! Her work conveys a lot of thoughtful emotions to me. Sometimes they’re somber, sometimes they’re hopeful. Sometimes they’re caught in a space between the living and spirit plain and I have no idea what feeling I’m getting, but either way I can’t turn away from it. It’s mesmerizing and I love it!

10. rei | The last artist I wanted to be someone I recently found. They’re mostly active on pixiv, with a good mix of fanart and original works (pixiv fantasy). I’m especially taken by their use of colour and how they capture wind movement, as if there’s an energy surrounding the character. Even their twitter sketches are breathe taking. An amazing gallery, please check them out!

BONUS aka I forgot to include them, aaaaah!

11. Takehito Harada | Mostly known for his distinct art style used in the Disgaea games. I originally learned of him after playing (and thoroughly enjoying) Phantom Brave. Although I’m not a hardcore fan of the Disgaea series, I have always been very fond of his character designs. They’re fun, bright, and include the excessive use of over-sized bangles and cuffs.

12. pixelatedcrown | A huge inspiration to me! When I lost all motivation to continue with my grad film in my 4th year, it was her work and enthusiasm in game creation that pulled me out of my broken state and inspired me to scrap my then current film and create a game trailer instead. I completed my film in something like 2 months and even made a simple working level of it in Gamemaker. I am eternally thankful!