How Kashiyuka acts around peasants.

why does the narrative refuse to acknowledge that kouta is kind of a self-absorbed asshole? the show depicts him one way (as a person who’s technically good at heart but often a bit of a douche) and then tells us he’s something completely different (a wonderful self-sacrificing hero who thinks only of his friends).

The player classes from Borderlands 2, expressed through gifs I found:

Axton (Commando):

Maya (Siren):

Salvador (Gunzerker):

Zer0 (Assassin):

Gaige (Mechromancer):

Krieg (Psycho):

so in my second playthrough of DA:I I sided with the templars and right when you start look who’s there with the group

This is before the Inquisitor or anyone has ever met, seen, or heard Cole. No one has any idea that he exists.

…Do you think he’s been following the Inquisition around?