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What kind of compliments did the idols you've worked with liked best?

most of the individuals (as with anyone) enjoyed compliments in regards to their personal work or something they produced or put in considerably more labor within. 

however, they also thrived upon recognition for their work on subjects in which they were acknowledged to be weak or lacking within. to be given compliments and recognition of progress and improvement were their biggest joys. 


NEW MUSIC VIDEO: THEESatisfaction - “Recognition”. 

Watch as the duo pay homage to people and places that have inspired them including a visit to Langston Hughes’ ashes in Harlem and the former residences of late icons John Coltrane, Sun Ra, and Marian Anderson. Artist Xenobia Bailey also makes a cameo in the Tiona McClodden-directed video.

Recognition is the first single off their second album EarthEE, out February 2nd.

(H/T: stereogum)

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