🌳Supta Baddha Konasana • Reclining Bound Angle Pose //

My mind will always turn negative if being sick, every bad things that I usually won’t be considered them as my problem will flash out on my mind, and I’ll be like: hopeless.
BUT I’ll always try my best not to let negative mind attack me, like I’ll try to stick with my friends and talk to them when I was a Uni student at oversea, or I’ll call to my mom and tell her bout “I’m sick but I’m alright” and then listen to her stories that happened around her and families, and funny stories bout my dog BB, so negative mind will gone. And now I’m home, I’ve connected with yoga, so when I’m sick, like right now, I’ll doing some pose to meditate, space out my mind, blank it, I feel so good. Also stick with my family, negative mind just go away easily.
I’m so thankful what I’m doing and having, and favorite peoples that I be with right now, all things are deemed as beautiful LIFE. 🌺

😃Oh yes, this pose helps stretches groin, tights and knees. It’s an awesome pose that can do it every night before sleep, remember breathe.
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@growsoulbeautiful today is the first day in a long long time that I have been able to fully relax and just be, I am almost as relaxed as I was on that beach 3 months ago… almost ;)
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