Is It Only EXO Who Is Outstanding...Digital·Physical, All Captured by SHINee, Triple Crown Dignity [Golden Disk]

Idol group SHINee received Triple Crown at GDA, boasting the dignity of receiving the most awards. SHINee took 3 trophies for CeCi Icon Award, Physical Album Section Popularity Award and Bonsang. They were awarded the most awards at the award show on this day among all the other participants.

Last year, SHINee who embraced their Daesang trophy 6 years after debut, since the beginning of the new year achieved Triple Crown dignity solidifying their usual said position as talented idols.

Eventhough they conceded the Daesang to juniors EXO, in digital and physical, they caught attention by accomplishing acknowledgement in everything.

Also, the stage SHINee prepared on this day showed a 7th year down appearance. Even showing 2 continuous songs ‘Dream Girl’ and ‘Everybody’, they completed the stage without any signs of exhaustion, with perfect live and powerful performance with not even a single inch of error. On this day at GDA, some idols’ singing was criticized by netizens for being below standard, as opposed to SHINee who was praised for a flawless led stage.


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The Challenge

Here’s how this is going to play out
-At least the way I think it is suppose to

So I have printed around 200 post cards
first 150 will come with paid postage
They all depict the same information on the back
which tells you what to do.

Basically the front of the postcard where there would normally be a picture is completely blank, this is the area for you to put whatever your heart contends. Similar to Post Secret only with that you wrote secrets, this can be anything. Doodles, drawings, poems, notes. Anything.
There is also a spot on the back for anything else you wish to add.
But personal information is not allowed. If you want you can put your state, or country but no names, addresses, ages, etc. All of that does not matter and I do not need to know. These postcards are to serve me as imagination of sorts. I have had writer’s block for awhile now and haven’ had any creative way to think until now!
For each postcard that comes in I will be writing a poem. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have a book full of poems.

Of course this is your choice to send me your postcard and once the postcard passes into my postal box it becomes mine to use. You dont have to send me your drawings, but in the even that you do not fee like doing the postcard please pass it on to someone else. =) I would like at least 100 post cards back. For 100 poems, and 100 thoughts.

Avatar Rewatch: The Runaway

You act like you hate them, but you don’t. You just feel guilty.

PSA:Sorry but im going to turn off anon

the amount of shit some friends and other jeaneren shippers are getting is just… unbelievable. 

Not like im gonna stop drawing/shipping erenjean just bc stupid people are throwing tantrum over fictional characters and looking down at me for shipping them.

im mad at tumblr for having such an awfully easy system to submit DMCA notices, for taking down your art immediately but taking forever to restore it.

im just…exausted, frustrated and really sad.


I warned you guys about the stopping. Here’s some PG13ness.

In other news I have conquered photosets.

Starter (Open)

Shu accompanied by both his Parents rode into republic city in a airship. They were going to a agreement meeting with president Raiko to finalize some trade system that Shu didn’t much care for. He had only been to Republic city a few times in his whole life. As his parents walked int the meeting room, Shu was ordered by Kuvira to stay in the private side room in the capital building with their private guards. Shu sighed and agreed to obey these orders. “wow this city is a lot bigger then I remember” he said to himself as he stared out the windows. (2 hours had passed while he waited.) Shu sighed with boredom, he stood up and went to open the door to the hall. “I’ll be right back I need to use it.” Shu said to the guards. 

As he opened the door and stepped out closing it behind him someone run into him knocking both them and Shu to the ground. “UFF!….. Hey what was that f-” Shu paused as he saw who he ran into.