Fluorescent oil sprayed onto a model in the NASA Langley 14 by 22-Foot Subsonic Wind Tunnel glows under ultraviolet light. Airflow over the model pulls the initially even coat of oil into patterns dependent on the air’s path. The air accelerates around the curved leading edge of the model, curling up into a strong lifting vortex similar to that seen on a delta wing. At the joint where the wings separate from the body those lifting vortices appear to form strong recirculation zones, as evidenced by the spiral patterns in the oil. Dark patches, like those downstream of the engines could be caused by an uneven application of oil or by areas of turbulent flow, which has larger shear stress at the wall than laminar flow and thus applies more force to move the oil away. Be sure to check out NASA’s page for high-resolution versions of the photo. (Photo credit: NASA Langley/Preston Martin; via PopSci)

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Victor had found he’d been sleeping a lot. He didn’t even know how long he’d been at the clinic for at this point because the drugs in his system that kept the pain at bay also conked him out at various times, sometimes for hours. He preferred to be asleep anyway, since when he was awake he was mostly just bored out of his skull. The medication he was on made it hard for him to move around, so there wasn’t much to do but stay in bed.

He was more than ready to leave, but he doubted Grace would let him. He’d lost too much blood, and it was apparently a miracle he’d made it through alive at all, much less in one piece. He didn’t believe in miracles, though, and he wanted to find out what was going on on the outside. What had happened with his men? What were the Macini doing? What was Fran planning to do with him? He had a million questions, and that didn’t even touch on all of the things he wanted to do (in particular get his hands on Armand Russett when he was strong enough), and he was going crazy being laid out in this bed.

He’d been brought books by Grace, but he’d never been much a fan of reading. It always felt like wasted time to him, but he did at least attempt it. He was frowning his way through Moby Dick when a person stepped inside the doorway. It took him a moment to realize he was being watched, but when he did notice, he looked up.

Misery and Mead (Open RP)

The Bee and Barb was generally a well kept establishment, frequented by Riften’s elite as well as a few mercenary types. In any case, it wasn’t often that one encountered any sort of trouble there. Plots, espionage, and bribery maybe, but rarely anything truly dangerous. In Dakog’s estimation, it was one of the most boring taverns he’d ever had the misfortune of drinking at. All the same, he’d had quite a bit to drink.

Things were busy that night. Plenty of unusual folk skulking about, coming and going as the hours passed. Could’ve been Thieves Guild scouting out some complicated job. Maybe they’d ask him for some extra muscle on one of their contracts. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence. Then again, it could just as easily have been plain folk going about their unusual business. It didn’t matter to him. All that mattered was getting his hands on another ale. He’d just finished his eighth… or ninth…

Optimizing Article Recirculation Modules

Figure 1: Two module layout and placement options on an article page.

Refinery29’s Marketing and Social teams are great at driving readers to our site, but we’re constantly looking for ways to optimize readers’ experiences once they get here.

Most visitors get to our site via an interesting article sent in an email or posted to a social network, but we have about 50 full time writers producing dozens of other awesome articles daily. Until recently, the only way to find other stories was via the homepage or a category homepage.  To better circulate our content on our site, we wanted to give readers a direct option to more quickly access related articles.

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Here’s an example of some baffling fluid dynamics. Researchers have found that, when pouring a fluid from one container into a lower one containing a fluid with floating particulates, it’s possible for the floating particles to travel upstream against gravity and the flow. The phenomenon is driven by surface tension. The particulates floating in the lower container decrease the fluid’s surface tension relative to the pure fluid pouring in from above. This creates a gradient in surface tension that, via the Marangoni effect, drives a small flow upstream, in the direction of the greater surface tension. In the video above, this flow takes the form of two recirculating vortices in the pouring channel, oriented such that their upstream velocities run along the outside of the channel. Occasionally this flow draws particulates up the waterfall and into the recirculating zones, creating upstream contamination. We reported this previously, but the researchers have now released videos demonstrating the effect, including in pipettes and a water flume. Usually it’s taken for granted that matter cannot move upstream, so this could be a game-changer, especially at small scales where surface tension already dominates. For more, see their paper. (Video credit: S. Bianchini et al.)

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I am really excited about  the debut of Paper Birds new album ‘Rooms’ which came out today on iTunes, and Band Camp! The song in the video is called “Recirculation”.  Many smiles all around for these lovely people!    



Broan NDK35830SS Non-ducted Recirculation Kit for 9N Pro Hood Stainless Review

Broan NDK35830SS Non-ducted Recirculation Kit for 9N Pro Hood Stainless Review


Broan NDK35830SS Non-ducted Recirculation Kit for 9N Pro Hood StainlessProduct Review

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Broan NDK35830SS 30 In. Non-Ducted Recirculation Kit

For filtering non-ducted AP1 and RP2 series range hoods

Includes non-duct housing, charcoal filters, and installation hardware

Color Stainless Steel


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This photo collage shows vortices shed off a backward-facing step.  The flow is left to right. Here the flow is visualized using dye released in water. Initially, the vortex forms near the bottom of the step in the recirculation zone. Because flow over the top of the vortex is much faster than the flow beneath the vortex, a low pressure zone forms over the vortex and gradually draws it up toward the top of the step. Eventually the vortex will rise to the point where the upstream flow pushes it downstream and the process begins anew. (Photo credit: Andrew Carter, University of Colorado)

Reader sheepnamedpig asks:

I was driving through the rain down the highway when I noticed something strange: though the rain was heavy enough to reduce visibility to a quarter mile, the rear windshield of my Corolla was bone dry except for the streams of water flowing off the roof. There was no wind so far as I could tell, but I had to slow down all the way to ~20-25 mph for rain to start falling on the rear windshield. Why is that?

That’s a wonderful observation! Like many sedans, your Corolla has a long, sloped rear window that acts much like a backward-facing step with respect to the airflow while the car is moving. Note the smoke lines in the photo above. At the front of the car, we see closely spaced intact lines near the hood and windshield, indicating relatively fast, smooth airflow over the front of the vehicle. At the back, though, there is a big gap over the rear windshield. This is because flow over the car has separated at the rear windshield and a pocket of recirculating air. This recirculation zone is, for the most part, isolated from the rest of the air moving over the car; that’s why the smoke lines continue relatively unaffected a little ways above the surface. This same pocket of recirculating air is protecting your rear windshield from rainfall. It’s an area of low-speed, high-pressure fluid, and the raindrops are preferentially carried by the high-speed, low-pressure air over the recirculation zone. This is one reason why many sedans don’t have rear windshield wipers. (Photo credit: F-BDA)

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Water heater recirculation pump not functioning

My recirculating pump has quit doing it’s job. The pump is good that I know but there is no longer instant hot water throughout the house. If the pump is good what might be causing it to not work correctly? Attached Images  

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Watts Recirculation Pump Green Business Opportunity

The Watts Hot Water Recirculation Pump is a plumbing kit that can save money and precious water by offering instant hot water at any tap. This is a great opportunity for a person with a little know-how, tools, and the right occupational licenses.

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Time to recirculate this little masterpiece.

My favorite show, and my favorite band, what a fucking lovely coincidence.