Satay Indonesia, Portland

Looking for something new on the PDX food cart scene, I was pointed in the direction of Satay Indonesia today and was quite impressed with what I found…


Combining Indonesian recipes and cooking techniques with Pacific Northwest ingredients, Satay Indonesia is producing some wonderful dishes, as you can see above.

I went with nasi goreng, which is Indonesian fried rice, made with local, seasonal vegetables, free range organic chicken and spiced, fresh-caught local shrimp, all topped with a fried egg and homemade sambal…


My lunch also included two skewers of local pork satay with a fresh peanut sauce…


With a cucumber salad and fresh peaches for dessert, this filling and flavorful afternoon feast only set me back twelve bucks!

My Portland trip is off to a good start…


901-917 SW Alder St.

Portland, Oregon


anonymous said:

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